By Hadassah Agbaps - October 23, 2018

Hi guys, what's been on?!

I try to use natural skin care products especially those that won't irritate my sensitive acne prone skin ...
...but finding natural skincare products I can depend on here in Nigeria has been hard...I kid you not!!!

Anyway, I've been able to try out some natural skin care brands that I was introduced to when I went for the All Natural Conference in Lagos.

Here are some of the products I'm currently using and actually loving right now!!!


I was given some samples in my goody bag and fell in love with the 'Wura' fragrance.
 I quickly ordered a full sized bottle which cost N2000 for a 20ml bottle and 20 sample sizes of a mix of 20 other fragrances which cost N3000
Super affordable, right?!!!
....and the sample sizes help you know which scents you like before committing to full sized.

The best part is that the fragrances last all day and a little on your pressure points (neck, wrists, inside elbows and hair) goes a long way!

The Wura which is my favorite scent is a blend of vanilla (y'all know I heart this scent), musk and her trademarked floral blend.
The perfume oils have no additives like alcohol, pthalates, synthetic dyes, parabens etc common in many popular perfume brands.
Good stuff!!!
Apart from perfume oils, she also makes household and car air fresheners. 
She has a cool diffuser made from clay!!!
Seriously, this ish is real!!! 
Don't miss out!
Since she's a growing business, she's selling off on Instagram for now so you can send her a DM to make your purchase on @aishatemptationsperfumery


This is another great brand I was introduced to at the All Natural Conference! 
Seriously, these meetups are a real gold mine!
 One can discover a lot of gems!
 I was gifted their handmade all natural soap in my goody bag.

To be honest, I've had really bad experiences with soaps in my acne journey and tend to stick with soap free body washes.
The closest I've come to using soap is black soaps and then I can tailor it to suit my skin.

I really wasn't interested in using this soap and planned on using it to wash my hands alone! 
I just couldn't risk anything destroying years of hardwork into getting my skin clear and balanced....especially not in my thirties!!!
I only got to try it when I ran out of my body wash ....and then was glad I did.
The soap has a luxurious lather and smells lightly like milk.
 It doesn't rinse of squeaky clean which you know I don't like because from my experience ,such residues break me out badly!
However, it didn't do this and I finally finished the soap (4 weeks later).
I'll recommend this soap in a heartbeat because it has certainly changed my mind about
You can browse more info about this brand in their website here


It's no secret that I'm an ardent fan of Sheamoisture products.
 They're one brand that gives me peace of mind when it comes to natural skin care products and I haven't had any reason to change my mind so far.
Between Burt's Bees and SheaMoisture, my skincare routine is consistently chemical free.
The best part about SheaMoisture is availability. You can get it anywhere right now in Nigeria.
I can proudly say in the course of my natural skincare journey, I've tried ALL their products save anyone that's just been recently launched!
Currently, I'm using their SheaMoisture African Water and Ginger Detox Body Lotion and so far I'm enjoying the minty tingle it gives my skin especially when it's hot. 
It's lightweight and absorbs without leaving a greasy feel. 
My only issue was the scent! 
It smells medicinal like eucalyptus and I'm more of a fruity, flowery, sweet scent kinda girl.
I remedied this by adding  several drops of Jasmine and Lemon grass essential oils into it and it's all good. 
However, I won't be purchasing this when I'm through with it because of the fragrance. 
I prefer the Hibiscus and Coconut fragrance and also the African Black Soap variant.


I got this rosewater from the food section of a supermarket where I live.
Apparently it's a major ingredients in Indian, North African, Mediterranean and Asian cooking. 
I didn't grow up with any recipes using this to cook but I know what it can do for my skin!!!
This right here is the secret to my clear, happy,  non inflammed skin!!!
I used to think rosewater toner was all hype but after using it, the hype has some merit to it!
While it won't change global economics, it will change your skin and keep it looking fresh and youthful....
...just make sure you're getting 100% all natural rosewater.
If you can't find it in the food section of any Indian or Lebanese owned store, you can order it here ! 
When it comes to shopping for authentic, raw, undiluted, 100% natural products, I trust that online store!


DermaV10 Pure Effect Micellar Cleansing Water.

I'm still using micellar water for makeup removal and decided to try out a new brand instead of my staple product NuAge Micellar Cleansing Water. 
This DermaV10 one was supposed to be for sensitive skin but it burned my face and eyes!!!
 Too concentrated!!!
I had to dilute it with lots of rosewater to be able to use it... purchase with caution. 

Orange Blossom Water
I got this also in the food section where I purchase my rosewater. I'm in love with the floral fragrance and mix it equal parts with my rosewater to use as a toner and also as a humidifier for flights and as makeup setting spray. 
It is awesome!!
They help keep even period zits at bay.
Highly recommend!!!

I use cinnamon in my milk (I don't like the taste of milk...ughhh!!!).
I also use it to make jollof rice, spagetti,  stews, to spice meat and in pancakes!
 I just love the smell of cinnamon!!!
For my skin, cinnamon and honey mask is bae!!!
Really works well for congested skin and when I have a persistent pimple that doesn't want to go away and tempting me to pop it!
It also works as a mild mechanical exfoliatant aka scrub....definitely pop one in your shopping basket!!!

So these are my major skincare products right now and I'm super happy!

What natural skin products have you tried that work for you????

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