By Hadassah Agbaps - October 19, 2018

Hi guys, what's been on?!

It's been ages since I last updated you about what's going on with my hair.
To be honest, I got lazy with writing a whole lot and go stuck with simply uploading updates on Instagram!!!

Not good at all...I know!!! 

 I actually miss writing!!!

So,let's get everyone up to speed!!!

Lately, I've been protective styling like a boss and tried out some new products while I was at it too.

Oya, let's get into the gist!


I'm currently rocking kinky twists without extensions. 
My hair had been free and out for a while

 and then life got too busy to tend to it and I quickly invested 5 hours into getting these mini twists done by myself using Eden BodyWorks All Natural Pudding Souffle

Twists can be boring, so I tried spicing things up with simple styles.

First, I bantu knotted the ends of my hair to give it a curly instead of kinky curly look ....

..... then I flat twisted my hair into rows

....and later put it up into an updo using bobby pins to make my bangs shorter 

I plan to have my twists in for 2 weeks and then take them out for a twistout which I'll  leave in for two weeks!

Overall a protective style that lasts 1 whole month!

Not bad right???

...especially  considering that I also have several looks in one for when I get bored.

So, your turn!!!

What have you been up to???

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