By Hadassah Agbaps - January 11, 2019

Hi guys!
What's been on?

So, I finally did the first silkpress of the year and I did something differently.

I wanted to reduce the amount of heat I used for this silkpress, so I decided to skip the blow drying step.

To achieve this look,
I first shampooed my hair using Ruutos Moisture Intense Shampoo. This shampoo helps melt tangles and doesn't dry out my natural hair. One of the best shampoos I've used so far.

Then I applied Ruutos Replenishing Conditioner so I could detangle my hair properly.

Next I applied keratin based protein treatment, let it stay on for 30mins , combed my hair through with a Denman brush, applied heat protectant, put my hair into twists and allowed my hair to air dry overnight.

Remember I said that your hair should be completely 100% dry before using a flat iron so you don't 'boil' your I made sure my hair was completely dry. 
I didn't add a leave in conditioner so my hair dries faster. 

The following day, I took out my twists and flat ironed my hair.

PS: I made a video!!!!! 
Check out the video showing how I did my silkpress here

I tried doing a doobie wrap to keep my hair stretched but it made my scalp feel sore and tender so I'll be preserving my silkpress with bantu knots like I described in this post or with banding like this

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