By Hadassah Agbaps - February 25, 2019

Since I turned 30, I do my best not to use products that aggravate or dry out my skin. I prefer using products with ingredients that are naturally derived and safe.

My facial skincare routine is an adaptation of the Korean skincare routine with a few minor changes to suit the Nigerian weather.


- cleanse using a pH balanced cleanser and/or micellar cleanser

- tone with rosewater/orange blossom water, 

- apply a water based serum like Korres Black Pine Serum

- apply one or two drops of my facial oil mix

- apply sunscreen such as SunBum mineral Sunscreen SpF 30/50. 

For my body,

I use SheaMoisture African Water Mint and Ginger Detox Lotion or this natural Eden Body Works Citrus Fusion Hair and Body Butter

I do a little bit extra on spa days. 
I did a clay mask using Shea butter cottage Rhassoul Clay mask which I purchased from OrganicLifePlus online store.
Rhassoul clay is more moisturising than Bentonite Clay and slippery too so great as a clay wash for hair. 

I'm mixing it with edible orange blossom water which has astrigent properties to close pores, reduce oiliness and keep skin clear.  

I added cinnamon powder  which is very good for acne. When using cinnamon please use a dash. It's really strong!! It makes my skin tingle a lot so I use it sparingly. 

To shower, I'm currently using this handmade Fruit infused face and body wash made by a new natural skincare brand (coming soon). It contains kojic acid, citric acid pineapple, papaya, orange amongst other ingredients. 
It smells amazing and acts as a mild chemical peel.

I usually use it at night but since it's spa day, I use it in the day time too.

So far, so good, my skin is benefiting from using gentle, naturally derived products.

What's your skin care routine like?

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  1. Can u share the brand for your face wash ,the one with kojic acid

  2. Hello Madam,

    I'm a fair skinned lady. My skin is very sensitive yet tough to change to. I want a cream that still would lighten me up and maintain a whitened complexion without sunburns, green vein, dark spot, dark knuckles or dark toes.


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