By Hadassah Agbaps - July 17, 2020

Hi guys, what's been on?

How's our new reality courtesy of 'Rona treating you?

I'm trying to keep things as normal as I can. This period made me promise myself to never neglect the little things that keep me happy. 
One of which is blogging.......and of course doing my hair.

I'm trying to get more proactive with styling my hair. Yes, constant manipulation breaks my fine natural hair but I can't keep living in constant fear of breakage. 

The best solution is to have a selection of beautiful protective styles that require the least manipulation....especially when it comes to updos on fine type 4 natural hair.

Apart from breakage, the other problem that deters me from doing more updos is my sensitivity to bobby pins. 
I've noticed that after a while, bobby pins cause my scalp to itch. This prevents me from having a protective style in for as long as I'd like. 
So....I try to avoid using bobby pins as much as possible when styling. 

I'm looking out for plastic bobby pins or maybe stainless steel bobby pins.
Have you seen these before?

For today's protective style, I made use of one ouchless band and several loose twists to create an updo that if well maintained, can last me 1 week.

For the front, I made 3 loose twists. One was swooped to the right and the other two to the left.
Can you peek my lone grey hair? I love it!!!

For the back, I packed my hair into a low bun, made 3 loose twists and tucked the ends into the ouchless hairband. ends are tucked in so they don't get dry.


ProTip: If Ecostyler has been leaving your hair full of flakes, you should definitely try this gel.
I've completely made a switch from Eco because this gives me the much needed hold without the flakiness and the occasional itching.
I've used it on different Type 4 hair (thick, super coily, fine, low porosity, etc) and it's yet to disappoint me.

I really should get into the right head space to write a detailed review about this Nigerian brand.
 I'm such a perfectionist and want to make sure that I leave nothing out in my descriptions because I know how important products reviews are when trying to decide which hair products to purchase.

Perhaps you can help me out with what you'd really like to know about a maybe it's texture, price....anything you feel you'd love to see when reading product reviews.

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  1. Beautiful hairstyle, very professional looking. How will you moisturise during the week without disturbing your style and how will you keep it looking neat for the week

    1. Hi Esther, I'll sleep with a satin bonnet so the style doesn't get rough. I moisturised my hair thoroughly before putting it in the protective style. My hair would stay hydrated for 3 days. I would rehydrate midweek by spraying on a leave in conditioner. I currently use BelleStar Detangling Weave Spray. It hydrates and gives some hold to styles.


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