By Hadassah Agbaps - June 06, 2012

This week, the shopaholic in me decided it was time to browse all stores in the vicinity. I happily obliged...and I wasn't disappointed!

I have been searching everywhere for a curly lace front wig that I could straighten,crimp,curl and do everything that I wouldn't do to my hair ...and voila!!!...I've found it after months of searching!
Enter "Outre lace front wig in Arbella colour 1B".

It's soft and curly with lots of bounce.
I combed it out immediately I unpacked it because I wanted it fuller and a little bit frizzy to look natural.
I'm afraid I didn't get a picture of the wig in its package...I was impatient to try it on...I even shred the package to bits...mehn, I've waited too long!

The wig was easy to put on. There was no need for glue...yay!
Instead,it has four tiny combs. Two in front and two at the back that hold the wig in place...ouch!
The combs keep getting caught in my hair but it's a small price to pay for the joys of taking it off whenever I want!

The lace front hairline is basic. Not so wonderful but not so bad. It's made of synthetic netting which is a lil bit on the itchy side but not a dealbreaker.
I noticed that my edges were a bit exposed but thank goodness for the mass of hair. I could easily hide the exposed bits.

On the pack, it said the wig could withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees. The veracity of this will soon be tested.
Well, that's it and I will now show you pictures of me rocking my wig.

Update: I did use a flat iron to stretch it and then regretted it because the lovely curls are now permanently straight. I had to give it away. SOB!!

l love.

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