By Hadassah Agbaps - September 21, 2012

Clumped curls, more definition, less frizz
Ever seen that head of hair with perfect looking curls??? No flyaways, no poofiness, just individual curls flowing in the same direction...then you catch your moving reflection in a car window and have "the oh my God!!! Is that what my hair looks like" moment!
And you hate your hair all of a sudden!
Why does my hair have to be a messy nest?
Why can't I have well defined curls like I do when I'm in the shower with water running down my hair????!!!!

Well I have many of those moments especially when I'm surfing natural hair blogs and I see those perfect well defined wash and gos.
One free day when I didn't have anything much to do, I made up my mind that I must ( even for just a day ) get those perfect well defined curls/coils.
And......I did!

I can now achieve well defined manageable ( with lots of shrinkage though) curls any time I feel like it....or rather anytime my hair feels like humouring me ...#bulliedbymyhair's the secret.............Clumping!!!!! *drum roll.......screeching to a halt.....what????? *

Okay, scratch out the image of clumped clay and the sound of those marmish wooden heels....this method is really the ish....and now I will #shutup and get on with it!

So what is Curl Clumping?

Curl clumping is when your hair stick together to create bigger more defined uniform curls.
The clumped sections of hair curls in the same direction.
You'll get a better idea with the pictures below.

Clumping reduces frizziness. When curls separate, they frizz up and look messy.

You get clumping by,
-Using curl activator or gel
-Raking conditioner through soaking wet hair and leaving hair to dry without further manipulation.
-Simply using a stream of water from shower and finger combing
- Twistouts/ braidouts
- Use of Ouidad / Denman detanglers
( I got this from several natural hair sites...and since there is a better chance of finding that proverbial illusive needle than these in Nigeria, it's just going to be one of those things on my wish list)

Well, I've listed all the possible ways to achieve clumping.

This is the method I actually used with results!


- Ten human fingers ...five would do though....( sans snaggy nails)

- Water in a spritz bottle

- Clean freshly washed hair ...preferably cowashed. Do not apply any products except olive oil.

- Curl activator/ aloe vera/ loc gel (sans alcohol).

I made use of ORGANICS ROOT STIMULATOR LOC and TWIST GEL. Purchased in a fit of product junkism for N600.

- Patience.


-My freshly cowashed hair was quite thick. So I divided it into about six or more sections.

- To each section, I added a big dollop of the gel and smoothened from roots to tips (in the direction of hair growth only).

- I kept on smoothening until hair felt smooth in my hands and I could see individual curls clumping together.
If this doesn't happen, add more gel and keep smoothening.
Concentrate on the making the curls at the tip of your hair clump together.

- Once the hair started clumping, I raked once through the hair.
Raking is done by spreading your fingers apart to form a wide tooth comb and "combing" through the hair once.

- I left the clumped bit alone and started working on the other sections in the same way. Finally, I was through.

To preserve the style, either make two large loose twists or loosely gather the hair on top of your head in a puff. Then cover up with satin scarf or bonnet.
In the morning, gently untwist without disturbing curls, spritz with a lil water , spray with oil and you are good to go!

Have you tried out any other method of clumping?

It may not be so clear but there is better curl definition in the clumped bit

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  1. This sounds and looks great. I'm due for a co-wash next weekend and will definitely like to try this out. Though I think I might be combining a lil bit of Eco styled with ORS just to assure some more hold. I'm in Ibadan and sadly, the beauty shops I've tried all stock up on chemical-based hair products. I'm hoping the check Shop-Rite or Foodco during the week to see if I can get ORS.
    I've tried Eco styler once but I was so sleepy by the time I was done (it was late at night and I had had a long day), I wrapped it up in a scarf and went to sleep. My results the next day was less than satisfactory and I had little white flakes in my hair. I combed it all out and opted for my regular styles.
    I am willing to try ORS and watch my hair's response to it. I'll definitely try to leave a feedback when I do. Thanks a lot :-)
    I'm commenting as Anonymous but, the name is Esther. The other options didn't work.

    1. Thanks for sharing Esther. Looking forward to hearing about your results. One tip to reduce the white flakes is to mix in a little oil with the quantity of gel you plan to use....about a tablespoon will do.

  2. Hi Hadassah, i shall try this method tonight and it better work o!! lol

  3. Thank you so much for the article! Really appreciate the tips provided!!!


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