By Hadassah Agbaps - September 29, 2012

Hello naturalistas!
We are now at the end of this month and moving towards October.
Thank God for a beautiful,colourful life *happy sigh*
I hope you have been rocking your natural hair like the divas you are! *whipping fro* .
Well I have and guess what???

I have a new challenge.
It's called the One Month Finger Detangling Challenge and will run from the 1st of October to the 30th of October!
I've started already!

Sorry but I just had to see if it's a keeper...and I'm loving it!
After my weave was taken down, I didn't have a comb where I stayed.
So I guess I was forced to finger detangle and it's a keeper!
I haven't used a wide tooth comb since then and I've been rocking 'out' styles like:
buns and
wash n gos.
I've not had tangled hair, breakage or loc'd hair ( this was my biggest fear).
I think I might finger detangle exclusively.
I've read some American natural hair sites such as Hairscapades ( Shelli's hair is uberfab by the way!) about the benefits of finger detangling but I just assumed it was,
a. Oyibo wahala
b. Not safe for kinky coily..not curly hair...which can be prone to locs if each individual strands aren't kept far apart regularly.
But so far, I've been proved wrong.

So in essence, this challenge is a way to share what I've discovered and see if it works for you too!
This challenge is the First NappilyNigerianGirl Challenge *cue clapping and drumroll*
and the goal is to achieve healthier, longer natural hair by reducing breakage and splits!

If you are interested, please indicate by posting a comment here stating
-Your current regimen
-Your current hair length
-Your hair goals
- Your current hair products and styles

Then you are ready for the challenge!

Length retention will be the yardstick for the challenge.
So take pictures and keep tabs on your hair length before the challenge and at the end of the month.
To know if your hair benefits from fingerdetangling, it's advisable to leave your hair in 'out' styles lasting not more than 2weeks.

So here's a prep talk so you'll know what to do!
I like giving new naturals different options when it comes to natural hair care.
This is because what works for one type of kinky/coily/curly hair may not work so well with others.
For example, some natural hair types have no problem (such as dryness or frizziness) when washing with shampoo in addition to conditioners.
Other hair types may dry out terribly when shampoos are used causing the natural to depend on co-washing to maintain moisture levels.

I've written a post about co-washing and now I'll write one about finger detangling.
Have you ever gone to salons (have nothing against salons...just being frank) and when they are ripping...sorry combing through your hair, you actually hear your hair snap?????
Some naturals have hair types (such as fine hair) prone to breakage.
They break off like no man's biz even by the touch of the gentlest wind.
People with this type of hair usually complain that their hair never grows and they always see splits.
For this type of hair, detangling with combs and brushes lead to a significant amount of hair breakage.

Now before we blame the brushes and the combs, make sure the following are in order:-
- Good nutrition; no protein,vitamin and mineral deficiencies
- Regular intake of water
- No smoking or excessive alcohol intake
- Proper washing, conditioning, moisturising and styling regimen
- Protein deep conditioning treatments

If after all these, your hair still breaks, then it's time to try out the finger detangling method and see if it works for you.
So, what is Finger Detangling?
Finger detangling is using your fingers to detangle your hair instead of a comb or brush...not the best definition...hehehe...but you can...wait for it......Googleit!!!

-Fingerdetangling prevents breakage caused by combs and brushes. Using a comb on a tangle will more likely tear through it than separate it.
-It helps you feel the tangles and smoothens your hair cuticle( protective outer layer of your strands) at the same time.
- Length retention due to less splits and breakage

- Takes ages to do especially if it's your first time and if you have lots of hair!
You have to patiently *untangle each tangle*
But if you finger detangle properly and style properly, you won't have * a lot of tangles to detangle*
The starred statements make me feel like rapping -
*hold up Kanye*

1. Divide wet/dry hair into four sections.
It can be more depending on how thick and long your hair is.

2. Coat each section with conditioner and twist loosely or hold with clips. Be generous with the conditioner as it provides the slip needed for easy detangling.

3. Allow conditioner to sit in hair for 5mins.

4. Gently untwist one section.
Run your fingers through the section starting from the ends of your hair and working your way towards the root.

5. Gently unravel any tangles you meet by separating them as you would separate a tangled gold chain!

6. After detangling each section, twist loosely and start the next until all your hair is done.

7. Style as usual.

Below are pictures from different sources to explain fingerdetangling. You could also look it up in YouTube.

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  1. is it true that pre shampooing hair before treatment causes hair to tangle?

  2. No I don't think least my hair hasn't tangled up when I prepoo. What I do is I part my hair into sections with my finger. Then I apply olive oil and then a glob of conditioner to my hair and put on a cap for 5mins. I then finger detangle each section and twist loosely. Then I shampoo my scalp with the twists in until I'm satisfied my scalp is clean.
    When I want to deep condition, I prepoo with mayonnaise, olive oil, milk and egg and whatever I feel like adding.
    I don't prepoo every wash day though! Only when my hair feels dry and tangled...and when I have time.


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