By Hadassah Agbaps - September 15, 2013

1. Thou shalt love your hair as yourself.
Thou shalt not covet the hair type of another.Thou shalt eat wholesome foods and drink enough water to nurture hair from within.
"Garbage in; Garbage out"

2. Thou shalt keep scalp and hair clean.
Wash hair at most once a week to remove dirt and buildup which retards healthy growth. It is advisable to dilute shampoo and apply from roots to ends.

3. In any event of dryness ,Thou shalt moisturise hair daily using WATER based moisturisers from tips to roots and seal with oil/butter. Moisturising your tips is the key to length retention.

4. Thou shalt NOT comb hair dry.
In any event of tangles, CONDITIONER is your best friend. Thou shalt spritz hair with conditioner/water/oil mix and use a wide tooth comb to detangle GENTLY from tips to roots.

5. Thou shalt NOT apply petroleum/manmade products such as mineral oil and petrolatum to scalp.
This clogs/blocks the hair follicles and stunts growth.
Use only natural oil/butters like olive oil.

6. Thou shalt avoid any style and stylist that pull hair too tight to avoid hairloss. Two strand twists and braids are your best friends.

7. Thou shalt minimize heat.
Thou shalt not use heat appliances (such as flatirons,blowdryers and hairdryers) without heat protectors. Thou shalt use heat appliances on freshly washed hair ONLY.

8.Thou shalt not go to bed without a satin scarf/bonnet on or satin pillows to rest head.

9. Thou shalt deep condition hair at least twice a month. This includes hot oil and protein treatments. They help strengthen your hair.

10. Thou shalt trim ends once in three months.
This reduces damaging split ends. Occasional "search and destroys" will also be of benefit to your hair.
Search for individual splits. Destroy with sharp scissors.

Blessed be the natural that follow this curlmandments as a head full of bouncy, hydrated curls/coils is your reward!

Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. @afia thanks *gives chinese bow*. we are glad you did :)

  2. "Curlmandments" hmmm...nice adaptation. Keep d flag flying. :-*

  3. Lool. Great parody, though I don't wash my hair once a week o.

  4. Lol! It's a typo! I meant max once a week.

  5. I love love dis article. Kip it up dear. Dnt forget u r my hair role model. I'll get bk to u on some stuff I'll b nidin asap. Plent kisses

  6. Dobiskwe...nice article. Lol at the caption!!!

  7. Lolz @curlmandments.. This law appears so easy but diff.

  8. Ok, sooooo...curlmandment 1 looks like itz actually 3 curlmandments!!! Lol. Can't sleep so I thot I'd disturb NappilyNigerianGirl a little. Lol.
    With MUCH love,


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