By Hadassah Agbaps - October 01, 2012

Hello naturalistas!

Nigeria is officially 52 today and I do hope we will really move from a developing country to a developed one soon.

There has been lots of improvements, I must say.
Our fashion,movie and music industries are coming out of oblivion and making a big bang worldwide.
A lot still needs to be done about our agricultural industry though but I know we will get there!

The natural hair movement is gathering momentum and I'm glad.

My post today will center on natural bridal hairstyles.
A lot of my friends (and hopefully yours truly) are getting married these 'ember months.
Most of them are relaxed sisters but one in particular is thinking of going natural and this got me thinking,
"What styling options do brides with natural hair have?"

I googled it and came up with amazing bridal hairstyles for naturalistas!
Here are a few I selected to give you all an idea!
Let the pictures do the talking!!!

How To: Big Daddy Blowout!

How To: Mini twists

How To: Cornrows

How To: Twists

How To: Cornrow, Twist and Bantu Knot outs

How To: Micro Braids and extensions

And yes, our very own Nigerian, Genevieve Nnaji.

How To: Twist and Curl

How To:Cornrows and Twist Outs

How To: Flat twist and Mohawk Bun

How To: Roller set

How To: Twist Out.

How To: Flat iron and extensions

How To: Twistout

How To: Flat twist

How To: Micro Flat twist (source:
natural hair bridal style lagina

I'm sure after seeing these gorgeous bridal dos, you can't wait to werk it!!!
 Before you do, here are a few tips to make sure you get that awesome bridal hair:

1. Always start with freshly washed ( preferably co-washed) hair.

2. Deep condition thoroughly. Include a protein treatment while you are at it.

3. Make sure you trim off split ends.

4. Try out your new style about a week or two before D-day.
 That way you'll know what the style looks like on you, if it works for your hair and any tweaks you need to make that style work for you.

For your cute little floral girls, check here for angelic hairdos.

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  1. wow!!! those hair styles are absolutely gorgeous,good to know that there is hope for naturalistas

  2. Beautiful hair styles! Thank you for this post!!!

  3. @Nash, you are welcome. You are an admirable stylist. I love how you make decency your watchword when it comes to fashion..

  4. Nice collections are you had in your blog.It look very awesome to see..

  5. Awesome hairstyles! Lovely well written blog! You should really think about writing offline. Your style is engaging!

  6. Well, this haircuts are quiet impressive I must say:) So extraordinary and untypical. I've seen such an unique haircut only once in my life. It was in LA at bridal salon, there was a girl 23-25 years aged, who wanted to impress her husband in a good way of course. And I'm sure she did:)


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