By Hadassah Agbaps - January 08, 2013

TY Bello

I went to Port Harcourt for a few days and when my cousins took me round the city,I noticed something.Almost all the ladies on the street had a good hairstyle!
This was probably because of the Christmas and New Year celebrations.
There were ladies with beautiful Brazilian/Peruvian/Indian/Malaysian weaves, ladies with beautiful cornrows and ladies with beautiful braid and twist extensions. I admired them all.

Then a thought popped into my mind " I wonder what their real hair looks like beneath all these?"

A trip to the salon made me realise that many women have gorgeous hairstyles but dreadful hair!!
Beneath the veil of extensions, I saw unhealthy hair. Some ladies  had thinning hair. Some ladies had discoloured brittle hair. Some ladies had no hairline. I was appalled!

I'm not going to start the natural/relaxed hair argument. I'll leave that to others because some of these ladies were natural too.
I realised that for some Nigerian women, good hair is simply having enough hair to attach whatever type of extensions that catches their fancy.
They could spend thousands of naira on weaves, attachments,hair serums, weave oils and what not and spend little or nothing to take proper care of their real hair, be it relaxed or natural.
Good hair is not their portion,they seem to agree.

If you are one of those ladies, I'll like to assure you that good,healthy hair is indeed your portion if you learn to take good care of it the way you do your skin,clothes,phones,handbags,shoes,nails and whatnot. Hiding your hair under extensions is not the way forward.
I know some women will say,"I've bought all the creams,shampoo,conditioners and oils that money can buy but my hair has just refused to respond!"
Yes,you may have done all these but maybe you didn't buy the RIGHT products for your hair.

Any celebrity stylist will tell you that if you want to have great hair like the stars you see,you have to use the right products for your own hair.
These stars may have some help in boosting the volume of their hair but they do have well cared for natural tresses that belong to them.
That is the foundation of a gorgeous hairstyle!

A  well known Nigerian star with natural hair, T.Y. Bello ....her fro is fierce isn't it!....confessed to boosting her volume with extensions with textures similar to her own hair....but her own hair is awesome!
We all know that if you want your extensions to look like your real hair, you have to leave out a portion of your own hair to blend in with the extension.
What happens then if you have no hair to blend the extensions with?

If your hair is coloured, relaxed, texturised or natural, it is important to use the right products for your hair and to get the advice of a professional hairstylists (not the half baked ones that litter our street corners with their salons!) or a trichologist for serious problems such as hair loss.

Most men appreciate a woman with naturally beautiful hair... could be relaxed or natural but as long as it is hers,he's proud of it.
Ask the men around you and see!
I'm adding this bit because I realise that we believe that men are attracted to women in extensions!
The truth is they are attracted to beautiful hair.
They are more attracted to women with beautiful hair that actually grow out of their scalp!
That is why we take utmost care to make our extensions look like our real hair!

You can get beautiful hair that's all yours.
Long hair doesn't necessarily mean healthy hair but you can get long hair when your hair and scalp is matter your race...there's an interesting article on growing Nigerian hair at

So chicas, while you get great hairstyles, don't forget to get great hair too!

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