By Hadassah Agbaps - June 25, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

Today's style is straw sets.....yep curls made from drinking straws......yep the drinking straws used to take a bottle of coke........yep, wonders will never end, abi???

This style is very popular here in Eastern Nigeria. It  can be done on both relaxed hair, texlaxed hair, transitioning hair and of course natural hair. It is a very durable hairstyle lasting up to three weeks and above with the right maintenance. However it lasts longer on natural hair because the natural tendency of the hair to curl holds the style firmly in place.

Depending on the size of the strawers and the size of your sections, the style takes between 3hrs-6 hrs to do ....more if you are styling yourself.

I love this style because once done, you can almost forget about your hair.....remembering it only when it draws compliments!

So here's what you need to set up before you start...

- A pack of straws cut into three (for short hair) and into two (for longer hair)

- 3 packs of bobby pins

- a setting lotion or gel for hold
 (I like Ecostyler and Ultrasheen Supreme Setting Lotion but Lottabody will give nice hold too)

- a rat tail comb for parts

- a wide tooth comb for detangling

- a bottle of oil for separation and shine.

- a cup of Patience and extra arms if you can get one...


- Start with clean well moisturised hair. For natural hair, it is important to do a moisture deep conditioning treatment beforehand as it will give your sets more staying power.

- Working from the back of your head, section out a thin section of hair. The thinner it is, the faster it will dry and the more defined the curls will be.

- Detangle thoroughly the sectioned piece so it is smooth.

- Apply or spray on a small amount of styling gel or setting lotion. Comb through to distribute product evenly from roots to ends.

- Wrap your hair firmly around the straw and hold in place with a bobby pin.

- Continue all over.


- Carefully remove straws.

- Apply a small amount of oil to palms, rub together and pat onto hair. Use oily fingers to separate curls for volume.

You are done!

On type 4c natural hair

On relaxed/ transitioning hair

You may not be perfect at first but don't be discouraged. It gets better with practice.


- Avoid large amounts of water especially if done on relaxed hair or the curls will fall.

- Always go to bed with a satin bonnet and sleep like a ninja night time avoid squashing your curls. If you aren't a very careful sleeper, I'd advice you do it mohawk style with the sides braided up so the curly middle can be protected.

- The moisture you get from the hair style is gotten prior to the hairstyle via deep conditioning and any further moisture can be added by applying a light coat of moisturising lotion with less water content especially if you are relaxed.

- It's normal for the curls around the hairline to straighten, you can simply re-curl them.

- For shine, a light oil hair spray will be fine. Alternatively, apply oil to your palms and pat on. I advice you use light oils like jojoba oil, grapeseed oil...however any oil will suffice.

Hope this helped!

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  1. Patience has alws bin my problem. Am working towards pilling a truck load of it tho.


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