By Hadassah Agbaps - June 12, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

Life can sometimes be a hyperactive dog on a flimsy leash and you need to hold on with two hands..... which means your hands won't be available for the business of hair!
When I get these moments, I switch my hair routine to a low manipulation one.

For my fine hair, I noticed low manipulation styles with extensions actually break my hair especially if I want to leave them in for longer than 2-3 weeks. This is why I rarely braid or weave my hair when I'm trying to grow my hair out for a major trim. I also feel I'm wasting the whole day in the salon to put the extensions in.

This low manipulation routine I adopt, usually lasts a month and I repeat the cycle every month.


The day before washday (usually Friday evening), I'll either do an overnight henna treatment,   wash and deep condition using a portable steam cap the next day or simply do a keratin protein treatment using Beautiful Textures TMS.
The deep conditioner helps hydrate my hair to prepare it for days when I won't even be bothered about moisturising my hair. I follow up with my oil mix on scalp and strands and finally a leave in conditioner.
Then I put my hair in chunky twists to dry and wrap with a pashmina scarf so it dries faster and just in case I need to go out.


Now here's where the sacrifice begins....the 3-4hrs long twisting sessions. I don't really mind because it's about the same time I'll spend in a salon (that's if I do not add the waiting hours if I didn't have an appointment).
I put my hair in mini or medium twists depending on my mood. The twists are installed in such a way that they should last for two weeks plus. My secret to long lasting twists is in this post

As extra insurance so my style stays neat, I

  •  Twist on damp to dry hair
  • use a twisting butter with some level of hold (I use NappyGirl Pudding). You can also use a small amount of Ecostyler gel to twist too.
  •  do not wet my hair. I only scrunch in a little leave in conditioner and oil.
  •  cover my hair at night.
  • don't manipulate it.. no pin ups....just pony tails for stretch...nothing to make my frizz prone hair do what it loves.

After two weeks, I carefully take down the twists for twistouts. I don't fluff, separate or pick out my hair. This helps maintain the definition for the next two weeks. As the days go by, it gets bigger and frizzier but not in a messy way.

Towards the end of the two week twistout period, I start stretching my hair out stylishly in preparation for washday and to make detangling sessions easier.
I do this by putting my hair in buns and updos.

I also notice that as long as the source of moisture is a water based leave in conditioner and I apply oil afterwards, my hair is generally tangle free .

The day before washday, I'll apply a slippery conditioner to dry hair, fingerdetangle, apply henna overnight and start the cycle all over again.
On my laziest days, I'll do a keratin protein treatment on washday instead of the overnight henna.

That's it for my low manipulation, time saving month long routine.

How do you care for your hair during a very busy month????

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  1. That's a routine I'd love to have when my hair is longer.

    1. Hehehe... Love your twa...low manipulation minus the hours of twisting.

  2. That's a wonderful regimen. Mine is pretty similar to yours.

    I do three week stretches of twists held in in a updo. I usually do a low bun secured with a Flexi-8 clip.

    I've been looking to incorporate more henna into my regimen and the overnight henna treatment is a genius way to work it in.

    Can I ask, have you been doing straight henna treatments, or henna glosses (with conditioner)?

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shirley. Yes I do straight henna treatments though I add conditioner too for easy application.

  3. Replies
    1. Lol! That's the lowest of the low manipulation routine! Can't wait for my wig to come in. The only problem I have with wigs is the combs for attachment pulls out my hair.

    2. you tube the hair band wig method. you remove the combs from the wig and sew on an elastic or goody band from side to side. :)

  4. Any tips on how to get fuller and plumper twists on fine, thin hair?

    1. Ah the struggle... Lol. To get plumper twists on fine hair, try making each twist looser. That way when you're done twisting, it'll be plumper. Also don't make defined parts so your twists won't look scalpy.

  5. Very helpful tips. I'm relaxed but I know I'll benefit.


  6. I usually twist my hair in small-medium braids using ecostyler gel. Then I take them down the next day and wear it out. At night I spray with water and evoo to reactivate the gel and make bigger braids. I wrap it up at night and take down the next day as usual. When it starts looking bad, I pull it up in a bun, and leave it until wash day.

  7. Can you suggest a hair saloon i can go to for nice twists?


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