By Hadassah Agbaps - January 08, 2015

Happy New Year, people!

For you and you and you and YOU....2015 is going to be an awesomtastic year!!!!
Whatever stuff didn't work out last year....it's sooo last year...leave it in the past, John!
It's going to work out this time!
 I'm really optimistic about this year and I do hope I'm infecting someone!

Before I fully start rambling about this year, I really want to say a big THANK GOD!!! Blogging for almost 3 years no be beans o!

I want to say THANK YOU to all readers,  followers , commentators , sponsors and lovers of everything NappilyNigerianGirl...blog, twitter, Facebook and Instagram! You guys inspire me to keep blabbing about all things hair without feeling like I'm shallow...lol!

 I have a dance routine I worked out just for you guys....

Special thanks goes to my fellow hair and beauty bloggers for all the love and support. I could start listing but I don't want to skip any names because you are all important to me...but y'all know yourselves! *hugs*
We really have to organise a national Nigerian hair and beauty bloggers meetup!

I'd like to say Thank you to all the peeps who kept my email box full!
Thank you for your kind, encouraging words, thank you for your well wishes, thank you for your questions, thank you for your suggestions, thank you for your referrals and thank you for just saying hi!
 I always look forward to hearing the mail alert....it's like Boxing day everyday....

Would this post be complete without saying THANK YOU to my esteemed customers who purchased the NAPPYGIRL KITS and allowed me to dig my hands into their beautiful hair at the salon?! Gosh, I loved seeing kinks everywhere.....hehe!
 Thank you for your encouragement and trusting me to put together fabulous kits to make caring for your hair easier! Thank you for your positive feedback and your kind suggestions about products in your kits.

I do hope this year, we'll all reach our hair and life goals without the drama!!!

ANOTHER YEAR OF BLOGGING! Woohoo! It's starting to be a fun one! Check out your girl on CocoMagazine! Very heavy thanks to AB of KinkandI for the feature! Mwah!!!

Do I have New Years resolution? Nope.

More like a New Years Guideline. I'd really like to be flexible and resolution sounds so limiting!
So here's what I'd like to do this year!

- I really liked my little giveaway where a reader got to join me in reviewing a new product so I've decided to introduce a new series called 'REVIEW WITH HADASSAH'. Here, I and one reader gets to review a hair product together. I feel it will help make product reviews more accurate because we'll get to see how the product works with another texture other than mine and we'll write a post together.

As promised, the first 'REVIEW WITH HADASSAH' this year will be selected from the last contenders last year. Then subsequently every other reader gets to participate.  Yes?

- I'd like to introduce more pictorials on simple hairstyles due to positive feedback from my last pictorial. I don't think I'll be doing videos soon because of the time constraints and 'hiccuppy' internet but let us see sha, we have a whole year for things to improve but the pictorials will start....which also means that for this year at least, the big chop I'm itching for will be put on hold.....

- I'd like to discover and share more ways to make natural hair care even easier. I really don't believe natural hair should take a day and a half to care for....like seriously!

- I'd like to encourage more participation from readers and though this is a solely Nigerian natural hair blog, contributions from anyone with hair (Nigerian or not) who has gotten the hang of caring for her hair is very welcome. I'd also encourage more questions about hair care and would like us to come together to share answers and tips. I really don't know it all o!

So beautiful people, what else would you like to see and what did you suggest last year that hasn't been tackled?

To a brilliant year ahead,
Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. Happy new year Hadassah.....i can't wait to have a full mass of natural hair on my head, but for now i'll rock my twa with pride.
    I look forward to the reviews and pictorials...:)

    1. Happy New Year to you! Amen to the mass of natural hair and with your attitude, it's definitely around the corner!


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