By Hadassah Agbaps - November 06, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?

Spoiler alert, this post is going to read like a novel so make yourself comfortable and sure your mobile/tablet/PC is fully charged...battery and data wise.

Sometime in September, I was invited to The Enugu MakeUp Fair by my friend, F.
I had no idea.
Maybe because I'm simply obsessed with hair and hair related things and apart from buying one or two random lipsticks and finding the holy grail makeup product that will not slide off my oil slick of a face or irritate my skin, I'm fine with what I'm currently using.

 If only I'm that way with hair products!
It's not like I haven't found my HG products...heck I even make mine!....it's just that I'm always down for trying out something new....lemme blame it on the Aries in me (one of my best pal is into the whole zodiac thing).

So, F called me up on Friday

"Hi girl, what time are you leaving for the Enugu MakeUp Fair?"

I had absolutely no idea and she assumed as a blogger, I'd know about these things...lol
To save face, I was like
"Umm, don't know....what time are you leaving"
and she's like
"I'm leaving around 10 a.m. tomorrow, let's meet at the studio"
and I'm like
since I didn't have anything planned except taking down my protective style and catching up on T.V

......and that's how I went.
Fauxlocs and two packs of bobby pins later....

The event was organised by PopConcepts and took place at Ingrace Event Center, Enugu (why do I always start with ingrate!)

Gosh, I've never seen so much makeup in one place!

I was in F's zone...that's for sure!
She's obsessed with makeup...she's a makeup artist
....and she guided me around her world
 F abandoned me to pore over makeup and speak makeup language!!!!

I looked around for cute hair accessories at least since it was a makeup and beauty fair....but unfortunately, hair doesn't count when it comes to beauty since I came up dry.
Sorry, no cute accessories to show you but I did see some naturalistas which made me happy.

Hair on fleek..Makeup on fleek. The bottom pictures influenced my purchase of a truly matte red lipstick. The Zaron I have is matte but not matte matte....

Since I couldn't figure what else I needed for a facebeat as a 'normal person', I decided to go to with my default beauty purchase.....no 'normal person' can ever have enough mascaras, lip paint and nail polishes, right????

Maybe I can finally do all those swatches makeup bloggers do...lipstick swatches, nail polish swatches, mascara swatches, ice cream swatches, palm oil swatches, curl definer swatches.....hmmm
They also had a makeup runway show. The looks would be perfect for Halloween (if we celebrated that in Nigeria) but so glam. I liked the Africa look.

The turnup of makeup and beauty vendors was quite good and I'm sure a lot of people came for free goody bags (me too!)....O.Y.O!!!
Anyway, I think we should have more of these in the sleepy town that is Enugu. If you know any event going on, please hit me up. I miss Lagos just because there's always something going on....wine tasting, book reading, fashion design workshops etc....(that's the kind I like sha).

Onto the event I looked forward to attending...... 'The Wedding Showcase"!!!!!
I was looking forward to this event because there was going to be a Fashion Runway Show!
I love Fashion Shows!!!
 While channel surfing you'll always find me on FashionTV, E! and CartoonNetwork (I am not ashamed).

One of my favorite part of fashion shows is the bridal and Haute Couture because you get this fantasy, other worldly fashion looks that make you go (at least it makes me go...)
"How the heck did they put that together???"
and shed some awe inspired tears....please don't judge me....I love the display of talent!

The Wedding Showcase was organised by WhiteMagic Media and ElsiesBakehouse. The event which started on the 22nd of October was meant to run for 3 days. The first day being the exhibition of everyone involved in wedding and events planning world (which I missed because it was a weekday), a workshop and finally the fashion show and after party.

I went in for the workshop. This held at Golden Royale Event Center, Enugu.

There was still an exhibition which was a relief because I was looking forward to getting a lot of contacts for my big days (traditional wedding and white) and if you've ever planned or helped plan a wedding, you already know how hard it is to get hold of the right people to make your dream wedding come true.

Your dress has to be on point, your makeup on point, you have to get the right crew for media (or else have crappy photos) and your location and decor should be on point.

Oh no!!! I may actually be a bridezilla...I rebuke!!!

Luckily, I was able to connect with an event planner who was on the same wavelength as me (even threw some extras tips to my ideas) and understood that the point of being an event planner wasn't just to have a cake making stand and some random decor and tell me they couldn't find the right colors for me or show me what they did for others...it is to make MY vision come true!

Seriously we need to have these events every year!!!!

Traditional wedding cake by Elsies BakeHouse Enugu. It tastes as good as it looks....not just pretty for nothing.

Then the workshop....there was a makeup workshop and a natural hair workshop which I wouldn't miss for nothing and I'm glad I didn't.

At the makeup workshop, I learnt how to get matte lipstick on fleek.
I have full lips and contrary to what a lot of people say, matte lipstick makes my lips look parched (and no my kissers are never dry, parched or peeling....I love to L.O.C. them).

I was already regretting my impulse purchase of the matte vampy red Ferrarucci FLC32 lip stain but was saved by this simple tip for getting the perfect Matte pout thanks to Diva Makeovers.

You make an 'x' on your cupid bow using a matte lipliner (not black o..just using it to demonstrate). Then draw around the sides and bottom lip (outside your natural line if your kissers are thin, just inside if your kissers are pillowy like mine). Then join the dotted line and color within the box like we did in nursery school. If you were the type that colored outside the box (jagajaga coloring), then forget this...lol! Be safe and use a colorless lip balm.

Here's my final look

 Long post but we're learning, yeah?!

Okay keep reading.....

The natural hair workshop was next and was presented by Chianugor and Tandy.....hehe...nope not me!
 I was determined to enjoy the show.
I learnt a lot plus their hair!
 Can't wait to dig in.
We have something coming for peeps in Enugu so subscribe (subscription box on the right) so you don't miss out o!!! *spoiler: How does free hair makeover sound?*

Exhausted, I finally dragged myself home for the next event, the fashion show and afterparty.

The fashion show took place at De Dome, Enugu.
It was a fun event...so fun that I was able to stay seated from 9pm to past 12 midnight and still had the energy to party at Platinum Lounge in Enugu.

I've been known to disgrace my friends by sleeping at events and clubs (dreams attached) but I was wide awake for this one...so it's something.

Uti was there, Beverly Osu was there and a host of other celebrities (that unfortunately, my lack of interest in AfricaMagic didn't allow me to identify).
 I wished Kay came with me.
 It's so bad....please if you were at the event and you're a blogger, link me up so readers can get a real load down.

I won't lie....I only went to the fashion show because I was assured that Mai Atafo will be there and the event planners saved the best (IMO) for the last because I was eagerly waiting to see what he had for wedding dresses.

I wasn't familiar with the other names but OUCH stood out.
 He designs suits for men and believe me, I was tripping.
I'm always attracted to a man in well tailored suit .
Not the baggy type, not the too tight type, not the one with the long sleeves that can't show the cuffs but perfectly tailored suits.

He also had a perfect singing voice and I knew he must be a really talented person. Creative people always have other talents (painting, singing etc) besides what they are actually famous for.
He had THE voice (no filters attached).

Finally we moved to the lounge for the party  where I was a shameless groupie (is that the right description) for Mai Atafo.

Now I can actually understand when peeps disturb celebrities for photos and what not.
I'm the type of person that tries not to intrude for photos and autographs because I feel for the celebrities....seriously.

 I know how hard it is to smile when you don't want to or shake hands with people you don't know (a large family does that to you...plenty relatives you need to know, who knows you but you don't and you smile and hug anyway) and I know how after a long day of singing and dancing, celebrities really want to tuck in and sleep.....I think....perhaps I'm just antisocial.....or in better terms, a selective extrovert....I believe in personal space.

But....sorry Mai!

Luckily for me, my cousin was one of the organisers so I was able to groupie shamelessly back to drop Mai off at his place. It was that bad.
He was funny though (like really funny...not the "stupidly have to laugh because I'm obsessed" kind of funny) and when he agreed with my stance that wedding dresses can be black or blue, what can I say?

My new boo!

So, that's how it went.

P.S. I wasn't ready to move around in heels to take pictures....really missed Kay...she loves taking pictures....so had most of the event in videos...bad blogger abi? Will upload as soon as internet is stable'.
Update: Upload took forever and a half, so I took screenshots.

Finally because you managed to keep reading to the end (I wouldn't have stayed on unless I love the blog so much), I'll share the details of the wedding team I actually like out of all the vendors at the exhibition.
If you have any traditional wedding, white wedding or other events to be planned in Eastern Nigeria, hook them up.

To treat yourself to a spa to relieve the stress of the big day, you can do so at Recline Beauty and Health spa. Tel: 08039210201
Most 'spas' here in the east is....there's no way to put it kindly. This has good feedback. I'll be going soon so again, subscribe so you don't miss my review.

To capture your moment and look fab (something about these photographers always catching the wrong pics and they are so rude!), you can get in touch with Big Deal Photo Studio Enugu. Tel: 08038095172 IG: @bigdealstudio

To take the stress out of event planning and have it go YOUR way (and with someone who actually knows the difference between sky blue and baby blue), you can get in touch with Zilcom Services Ltd. Tel: 08033291240

For unique bridal accessories, H-Zibah designs have you covered. Tel: 07031685170

For cakes that taste as good as they look (not the one with buttery taste or filled with too much currant to make up for lack of talent) you can contact ElsiesBakeHouse Enugu. Tel: 08127227684

For makeup (that doesn't make you look fake, unless that's the look you like), it will always be Sleek Beauty 08088816053 IG: @sleekbeautyshop_awka

For natural hair bridal hair, get in touch with me by email nappilynigeriangirl@gmail.com

You can also contact me if there's any puzzle missing in the Team of making your wedding dreams come true! I'll be happy to furnish details of no nonsense peeps.

Mini rant: Service delivery here in the east is so awful!

 Imagine DHL personnel telling me that the package I paid to be delivered to my home would not be delivered and I had come over to the office to pick it up?! In his own words "If you're waiting for me to deliver it to your place, you go wait tire!?"
I had to place an angry call to headquaters for the idiot delivery man to bring my goods....one week overdue!!!!

Need I talk about Konga.com? They actually deliver on time from Lagos but once it reaches their office in Onitsha, eastern nonsense takes over. The delivery agent is so lazy as to actually return goods and report them as 'delivery attempt failed".
I have lost two packages that way.

I have no problem sending stuff to Lagos or Abuja but once it is in the Eastern zone, Aba, Owerri, Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi it is nonsense and ingredients and very stressful!!!
The same companies I trust their services in Lagos or Abuja gives crappy service once it is in the eastern zone.

I can understand why people are reluctant to bring businesses down eastern Nigeria. Service delivery game really needs to step up.

Please if you have a company based in Eastern Nigeria, try and pay attention to enforce the discipline and quality service you take pride in.

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  1. You were right... long post! But I enjoyed it. Loved your matte lipstick look with the bun - FIRE! And the dress you were wearing with Mai.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Maybelline baby lips are so overrrated!


    1. Different strokes they say...I tried it and loved it. The only lip balm so far that I didn't react to.


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