By Hadassah Agbaps - May 23, 2012

One of the best ways to help promote hair growth is fingercoiling. It is a great way to protect your hair for long periods with low manipulation. Finger coils work with any hair length and it's a good excuse to deep condition your hair since it requires adequately moisturised hair to come out beautifully.

The first time I decided to attempt fingercoils on my hair, I googled it up and searched for pictorials that would give me a detailed step by step tutorial with products to use...funny, it never seriously occured to me then to check out YouTube videos. I guess it was because data services in Nigeria isn't so stable and I didn't have the patience to wait for all the buffering to get a smooth video.

I did get a fair pictorial from Miss Jessies hair product use but I still had to improvise because these products are difficult or impossible to find here in Nigeria and I don't fancy ordering for a product and waiting ages for it to be delivered. I am an Aries and not the most patient person.

Anywhoo, armed with half baked info, I washed my hair with Aussie Moist Shampoo, deep conditioned with NaturVitale For Sensitive Skin with Sage and Ginseng  paraben and pthalate free condish mixed with oliveoil,mayonnaise and egg. 45 mins later, my hair was clean and superdefined and moisturised.

Then the real work began.
1. I cut a 1" small section of my hair starting from the back.

2. Applied a dot of aloe vera  to the whole length and sealed in with a little shea butter.

3.You know how you twist and twirl hair around your fingers when nervous...Well, I twisted the hair around my finger in a similar way from the roots to the end.
I didn't get the perfect coil the first time so I wet my hair with water and tried again. Perfect coil!

4. Repeated the same all over my head. Spritz with water, aloe vera gel, shea butter and twist.
Three hours later, my head had a beautiful mass of coils.

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