By Hadassah Agbaps - January 19, 2013

Guess what napchicks?!!
NNG is honored to be featured in B.S.S. magazine- one of the "chiquest"  quaterly Christian women lifestyle magazines in Nigeria and we're excited!

This is the beginning!
B.S.S. stands for Body, Soul and Spirit!

The magazine created by Mrs. Ukamaka Oguejiofor (Editor in Chief) provides you with news you can use in your daily Christian living in your career, health,relationships,food and beauty!

It intends on becoming a resource to find the inspiration you need to be  the beautiful Christian light of the world that you are meant to be!
To see my feature titled " Going natural" and more awesome articles, order your copy for only N500 and have it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria!

To request your copy send us a mail at nappilynigeriangirl@gmail.com or cypresspub@gmail.com

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