By Hadassah Agbaps - January 19, 2013

Dudu Osun shampoo...suitable for natural hair?
Hi naturalistas!
I understand it's really cold right now in the temperate regions while it's hellishly hot here in Nigeria! How are you all coping???
Today I was just thinking about how most of the hair products naturals in Nigeria use and review are imported!
It's not really easy to source these hair products and when we do find them, their prices are usually double the recommended retail price as every transport and import duty cost has been added on....not to mention that some of these hair products are precariously close to their sell by date!
So, I wonder, " Aren't there any Nigerian hair products suitable for natural hair available????"
I'm not really talking about natural locally sourced raw products like Shea butter, coconut oils and such.... or even the handmade blacksoaps!
They are all very very good but I think some naturals including myself will like to feed our product junkie spirits with good quality made in Nigeria natural hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, stylers, gels and everything in between!

I know we've been doing our best as individuals to develop hair products for natural hair care and all. Many natural hair bloggers including myself have developed great effective natural hair products but it's still really small scale and currently available in local circles. We are growing daily and soon our products will hit the shelves across Nigeria and internationally!

It will be good to have Nigerian natural hair products that can be found on many shelves of many Nigerian  department stores just like we can find their foreign counterparts (e.g. Miss Jessie's, Organics, Aussie moist, Herbal Essence etc ) on our shelves.
Apart from using 'Dudu Osun' (soap not the shampoo) to wash my hair back in the days and 'Emily Millionaire Coconut and herbs', I don't think I've seen and used any commercial Nigerian hair care products suitable for natural hair.

Many of those big bottle of shampoos and conditioners available in our hair salons are really drying to natural hair and the ingredients in the conditioners causes buildup if used as cowash. A certified hair expert commented that it was better to use dish washing liquids to wash your hair than those shampoos!
The hair creams and oils available contain sinful amounts of petrolatum, mineral oil and other pore clogging nasties! The hair gels and sprays are mostly alcohol based. The hair products are not attractively packaged so there's no incentive to purchase in the first place.
Like I said earlier, Nigeria is blessed with natural oils, butters and herbs that can be harnessed to make 100% natural hair care products in attractive packages. Already established indigenous hair care companies need to research better in the science of hair care and improve their products.

-if you are a natural based in Nigeria and have had good results with any Nigerian hair care products, please do share with us in the comments section so we can try them out and post our reviews.
-if you are a fellow Nigerian natural hair blogger and have reviewed any Natural hair products on your site, please post a link in the comments section, so we can be informed!
-if you are a manufacturer of hair products or work in the hair products company, please do recommend your products in the comments section
I really really want us to help our economy by making use of good commercial natural hair products MADE IN NIGERIA!
Proudly Natural. Proudly Nigerian.

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