By Hadassah Agbaps - January 07, 2013

Hi people!
This is my first post for 2013 and I am wishing you all a very dream to reality new year!
I'm sure many of us have written down new resolutions for the year!
I admit I haven't. I haven't written a new year resolution in a long while so that I don't get my knickers in a twist when I don't fulfill everything on my list.

I do a recap instead, of my life the previous year, note my successes and my failures and learn from both of them.
Hopefully in the new year I will be able to handle some situations differently....and that's it!

Since this blog is a bit.... okay a lot about natural hair, I would like to share what I learnt the previous year.
- I have finally perfected my twist outs on my hair. I call it the " SHINGLE and TWIST".
I had my twistouts last a week one time. My twistouts also stayed put in wet season and dry season without much frizziness and dryness. 
I have also learnt that the smaller your natural coils,the smaller your twists should be for a long lasting defined twistout. Also, the hair should be thoroughly deepconditioned and your hair should keep outta your hair!

Defined curls using "Shingle and Twist" method

- I have learnt that NappyGirl pudding  provides great moisture for my hair. I am not saying this to promote or advertise myself....which is not a bad idea! It has really helped with retaining moisture which is something for my fine dry porous strands! It is such that I may be able to do without buying commercial moisturisers for my hair in the future........ummm..make that the far future because I quite enjoy my product junkie ways!
NappyGirl Pudding
- I have learnt that the picked Afro is not my hair's best friend especially during harmattan/dry season and I will put my foot down whenever I am asked to wear a fro to make a loved one happy....."no" will do.
If you must rock the picked fro though, a hot oil treatment before hand helps with maintaining moisture and softness. I have learnt the best way to rock a fro is with my hair "shingled".

- I have learnt that my hair doesn't particularly like braid extensions as a protective style but thrives really well with weaves.

- I have learnt that my hair loves protein treatments once a month. Porous hair need regular protein treatments to keep it strong and reduce breakage.

- I have learnt my hair loves hot oil treatment especially during the dry season. My coils really bounced back! I used a mix of soya bean oil, olive oil, coconut oil and Shea butter for the treatment on dry hair first. Then I spritz with a little water and bagged my hair for 30mins before washing under cold water.

- I have learnt that mini twists as a protective style will now be my go to style as my hair loves it. For hold and to reduce frizzies, I twist with Aloe Vera gel and seal with NappyGirl Pudding.

- I have learnt not to be scissors happy during my search and destroy missions when getting rid of knots and splits...

- I am still learning to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water even though I keep a cup filled with water by my bedside....speaking of which I have learnt not to begin water therapy when I'm on the's really embarrassing!

- I have learnt that I do not really like Herbal Essence Hello Hydration conditioner for my cowash as it does nothing much for my hair. I will return to my Organics Root Stimulator Replenishing conditioner for my cowash. I do wish it comes in a bigger size.
The Aussie Moist Shampoo stays.

- I have learnt that washing my hair in twists and shampooing the roots only is beneficial for my hair.

- I have learnt that finger detangling is great for my fine hair.

- I have not perfected the Bantu knot out on my own hair.I don't get the smooth curls I see in videos. I still end up with a poofy rooted, tangled mess...funny though that I seem to nail it when I do other people's hair.

- I have learnt that dried ground Rosemary leaves is a very good scrub for oily skin. I thought I was the only one to notice smoother, silkier skin after scrubbing until my sis tried and said the same thing. Infact she took almost all the rosemary in the kitchen when going back to school!

- I have learnt that castor oil is as good as they say. I mix it up with aloe gel and apply to my edges and ends each washday. I use it as a prepoo too.

I have learnt these and more in the course of caring for natural hair last year! Excited to see what I'll learn this year!

On life,
- I've learnt that a deeper connection with God is the way to fulfillment of your dreams. Begin your day with God and see all His plans fall into place.

- I've learnt not to doubt myself....I'm still learning.

- I've learnt that to receive love, you have to show love.

- I've learnt that if you really want something that's good, even nature conspires to help you.

- I've learnt or still learning to take care of today and do all I have to do today...

- I've learnt that to fail...which is not the's the beginning.It may not have worked out your way but in God's plan, it went perfectly. We can't see the tips of our noses without a mirror and even that gives us a wrong image. How then can we trust ourselves to see our future. Trust in God. See your future.

I got a new year message from a friend of mine that I'd love to share with you because it sums up what I learnt last year and more that would be useful this year. Enjoy!
Handbook 2013
-Drink plenty of water.
-Eat Breakfast like a king, 
      Lunch like a prince &
      Dinner like a beggar.
-Live with the 3 E's--
        Enthusiasm &
-Make time to pray.
-Play more games.
-Read more books than you did
      in 2012.
-Sit in silence for at least 10
      minutes each day.
-Sleep for 7 hours.
-Take a 10-30 minutes walk
     daily And while you walk,
-Don't over do. Keep your
-Don't take urself so seriously.
     No one else does.
-Don't waste your precious
      energy on gossip.
-Dream more while you are
-Envy is a waste of time. You
     already have all you need.
-Forget issues of the past.
     Don't remind your partner with
     his/her mistakes of the past.
     That will ruin your present
-Life is too short to waste time
      hating anyone. Don't hate
-Make peace with your past so
     it won't spoil the present.
-No one is in charge of your
      happiness except you.
-Smile and laugh more.
-You don't have to win every
   argument,Agree to disagree.
-Call your family often.
-Each day give something good
      to others.
-Forgive everyone for
-Spend time with people over
      the age of 70 & under the age
      of 6.
-Try to make at least three
      people smile each day.
-What other people think of you
      is none of your business.
-Do the right thing!
-GOD heals everything.
-However good or bad a
situation is, it will  change
No matter how you feel,
     Get up,
     Dress up and
     Show up. The best is yet to come.
-When awake in the morning thank GOD for it.

Live Beautifully.Naturally.

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  1. I love all i saw please how do i start..?

    1. Thanks dear. To start, read up the Naturalhair basics posts. If you have any particular questions, don't hesitate to send an email to Happy Healthy hair journey!


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