By Hadassah Agbaps - October 30, 2013


Hi people, what's been on?

I'm bubbly today because I'm finally myself, thank God and thank you all for your love!

Speaking about love, I got this message from a mum who went natural because of her daughter! Read on.....

Hi, I'm Adetoru on g+ and Instagram...but my full name is
Adebola Ibitoru Ogolo.

I've always loved my hair but the managing part (because my mom didn't have a clue).... I didn't look forward to.
From those women in the market sticking your head in between their legs (
😷eww) to those hot iron sessions in mom's kitchen, I had a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with my hair and threw in a relaxer right before my SSCE.

I accidentally stumbled on natural hair while searching for tips for my daughter's hair because I had resolved not to put a perm in her hair.
I fell in love with all the tips for natural hair care and I was like

So, in August 2012, I chopped off my relaxed hair without hesitation.
It's been a year and a month and I haven't looked back.

Best decision ever!

This message gave me an insight into what some mothers go through in an effort to keep the chemical perm away from their children's hair .....and made me appreciate even more the effort my mum put into caring for my hair. 
It's not easy to carefully detangle the ubercurly hair of a feisty one year old! I read CurlyNikki's blog post about caring for her daughter's hair and I was like....

'ermmm...okay...did I say I want my son and daughter to have really big fros???'

'well, yeah'....*in a smaller voice*

Truth be told, it's different when you have to style a kid's hair because she was brought to you...she'll probably be a bit quiet and easy to work with because you're an unfamiliar face and there's this 'hush hush behave yourself vibe' in the air....but what about 'mum, I know so well.....mum that doesn't want to see me cry'......oh boy!

So to all the mamas and papas with curly haired children twistin', braidin', detanglin' and getting wet with soap suds and tears....then big smiles as the cuties feel so purty...a big big hug.....

Yeah...that kinda smile!
If you're a mama or papa with curly haired kids and you don't know what to do, don't despair....that's what we're all here help......just send your questions or comments and  if anyone knows a natural hair friendly product or salon near you they'll let you know...okay....muahhh!

.....and hopefully when I become a mom to 'big afro' haired kids, I'll have time to blog about it all!

In the meantime, here are links to blogs I know by parents with natural haired kids...

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  1. Yaaasss! Fantastic piece!! Thanks for the mention luv! :)

    Kesha of We Got Kidz

    1. Thanks for the compliment,Kesha! It was a're doing a great job!


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