By Hadassah Agbaps - October 23, 2013

Sporting my fro and ankara hair flower made by me

Please introduce yourself

I’m Sanni Oluwatoyin Yetunde from Ogun state ,strictly born and bred on the soil of Lagos, Nigeria.
 I’m 22 years old. A fashionista especially with our own Nigerian Ankara wears (I make Ankara bags, shoes, beads, wire works and other accessories), guitarist and soloist, computer science graduate, and a free lance radio presenter.

My hobbies include talking, singing, dancing, cooking, adventurous travelling, meeting people, surfing the internet and blogs like Hadassah’s *winks* and of course playing my strings….. My tori do jawe.

My kinks, guitar and I

Describe your hair?

My hair…. (Takes a good look at it)….I guess my hair is 4C . #Grins#. 
The last time I stretched, the growth length was about 4 inches. I don’t attempt to comb it be it finger combing or whichever when it’s dry.
 I comb only in the wet or damp state, else, it leads to pains and breakage.

Hair flower made by me

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for almost 11months but the real journey began 5 months back when I did another big chop, it’s been a tough journey but that was when I was still naïve about how to care for my God given kinky hair.

My relaxed hair days
Did you transition or big chop? What was it like?

As part of my hobby of surfing the web, I came across a beautiful model with a lovely afro hair on a Ghanaian fashion page on Facebook, I completely fell in love with the hair.
 So I made more enquiries about the hair from the Admin. The page name is Shadders, and I appreciate the fact that she took her time to explain the hair mystery. She further sent some online natural hair bloggers links to begin my journey. That was how I made the big decision of being relaxer free.

I transitioned for 3months after which I did the great big chop. When I big chopped, I decided to follow my mum’s hairstyle (dreadlocs….oh my…she’s got beautiful locs for over 3 years).
She encouraged me to opt for dreadlocs because of the nature of my hair which I didn't know how to handle then.

 I wore the locs for about 5 months before NYSC threw me to a remote village, and another problem of maintaining the locs emerged.
I eventually did another big chop….so my new natural journey began 5months ago.

What was the reaction of family, friends, and colleagues when you decided to go natural?

My mum and grandmother were the most supportive. Granny even offered me some old folks techniques on how they handle kinky hair back in the days.
 I could remember an aunt of mine teasing me if my lover is an S.U or deeper life member. Lolzzzzzzzzz.

Friends of course were the most troublesome, they kept asking incessant questions and I took my time to reply.
 My big chop was a great challenge…whew…
When I got to work; I got series of comments like what happened to your hair, why did you cut it, etc. Of course, I got few compliments too.  All I did was smile at the good and bad comments.

How has being natural affected you? What's the best and worst thing about being natural?

Well, I must say it hasn’t really affected me in any negative way.
 Back in the days I relax, I never knew I could wash my hair myself nor even style it.
All I do is visit the salon and they do the job.
I am the very lazy type when it comes to hair issues. Now, I have learnt few D.I.Y methods of taking proper healthy care of my hair. I also learnt to study my hair reactions to different styles and products.

The best thing about being natural is that so many men out there love natural hair.
 It’s a pity so most ladies love flaunting the so called brazillian, Peruvian, etc. Most of the compliments I get are mostly from my male friends. Isn’t that lovely and super cool??? #ThumbsUp#

The worst thing…..that awkward moment you are having a bad hair day and you simply don’t know what to do with your hair.
That moment you are so clueless about what style to wear and your hair isn’t cooperating.lolz.
 Another one is when I try a style and it doesn’t just look good on me. (Well. I tell myself life is full of trial n error). I describe that as the worst thing for now sha!

Current regimen and favorite/worst products so far?
My current hair regimen is a very simple one:

I co-wash once a week and shampoo the next week. I’m lazy yes I know but my hair doesn’t complain. My present products include:

  • My Shampoo – our very own Nigerian Dudu osun black soap (excellent for my skin and hair).
  • My conditioner – Soft n Beautiful Hair milk conditioner.
  • My Intensive Deep conditioner – Beauty Formula Avocado treatment wax intensive deep conditioner.
  • ORS olive oil leave – in – conditioner
  • ORS carrot tea-tree oil therapy
  • ORS Anti-Frizz olive oil glossing polisher
  • Soft n Free styling gel (which I don’t like the result with my hair, guess I’m dashing this out)
  • Our local coconut oil
  • Honey

The way I co – wash is quite funny. Remember I’m very lazy, please don’t crucify me. Thanks.

I simply mix my conditioner , intensive deep conditioner, ORS carrot tea-tree oil, coconut oil, and honey together in a container with a plastic spoon, then I rinse my hair with warm water, apply the mixture to a small section of my hair and twist till I’m done with the whole hair. 

I bag my hair with a black nylon and cover with my shower cap. Most times, I leave it till the next morning before rinsing.
After the next morning rinse out……OMG, my hair always feel so soft like a baby’s and my scalp so neat. #LoveStruck#

The next thing I do is sit near a standing fan. 
Apply the ORS leave in conditioner ,ORS anti frizz glossing polisher (my hair really loves this product ; makes it shines plus the ingredients include coconut oil, olive oil and Abyssinian oil)  and my home made whipped Shea butter.

I stretch my hair with the African Threading method for few days after which I do any protective style I want. One of the children stylists in my neighborhood does it for me though; the Yorubas’ call it KIKO.  I rock my hair mostly in bantu knots out, twist out, afro and corn rows.

My 'kiko'

My worst product so far is Soft n Free styling gel. I used it when I did a twist out. While unraveling my twists, I had lots of flakes all over my hair which was quite embarrassing. 
I am actually looking forward to try the EcoStyler gel since I've been seeing it on most natural hair sites.

Sincerely, I’m not the product junkie type. I just use what comes into my hands as far the ingredients are not on my NO WANTS LIST. Note however, my hair loves MY OWN HOME MADE WHIPPED SHEA BUTTER.  And of course, I sleep every night with my own hand made satin bonnet.(Check YouTube for video tutorials)

What has been your major challenges as a natural?

My major challenge is the comments I get at work.
A colleague of mine even offered to pay for fixing of my weaves thinking I was rocking my hair because I was out of cash or something. Quite funny!!!
Another challenge I had is caring for my hair myself. Like I said earlier, I’m the very lazy type when it comes to handling hair. Caring for my hair personally has been a challenge but I think I’m getting better day by day.

My trusty wig for those bad hair days!

Best and worst natural moments so far?
My best natural moment was when I first wore my hair out in the funky afro style.OMG, every one took turns taking pictures of me that very day and of course, strangers on the road had to take a second look at my hair. I could read their expression, they love it.

OH the worst moment , I was in my office that very day rocking my hair in bantu knot out (my first attempt). Right there in front of everyone, a man came in for some enquiries and asked me to always comb my hair. Well, I felt bad but what can I do??? 

Do you think one can be natural and be fabulous and professional at the same time?

Yes, 100% sure. Being natural doesn’t restrict one from being fabulous, gorgeous and professional. It’s all about embracing your hair, and rocking it in lovely styles that suits your job, shape of face, etc.

Feeling fly! Earrings, hair clip and necklace made by me

Natural hair style you've mastered. Natural hair style you'd love to master.

I will still call myself a newbie in the Natural hair world.
For now, I’m pretty good at twist out and Bantu knot out. Nevertheless, I’d love to work more on flat twist, flat twist out, braid out, finger coils, in short so many styles. The sky is my starting point.

What do you love about being Nigerian?

Oh my....I love Nigerian food, my culture, my black kinky hair and my ever glowing black skin!

Any other tidbits you'd like to share with Nigerian naturals?

Embrace your hair, love it and thank God for it every blessed day.

 Being natural in Nigeria isn’t an easy thing especially in some organizations. You can however opt for weaves and the likes. (I do that most times and let my hair out after two to three weeks). Live natural: take water frequently, fruits, just stick to being natural. It’s indeed great to blend with God’s given nature. We Africans are the best starting from our ever beautiful glowing black skin to our kinky hair. God loves us you know.

Where can we reach you?  
I can be reached on Facebook at
Instagram @tycrafts

There you have it peeps.....and don't forget to hook up with her for beautiful handmade Ankara bags, footwears , Ipad jackets, photo frames , photo albums and loads of other African print goodies. 
This babe is one talented Nigerian naturalista!

Thank you Sanni for participating in this series and showing that Nigerians' Got Good Hair Too!

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  1. I love your 'isi owu' a.k.a african threading. I wish I could do mine like that and not the haphazard way I do it.

    Would appreciate a follow back ;-)

  2. Yayyyyy.....Is this moi? My talkative self #Covers face

  3. would love some kiko on my natural tresses..
    keep it up hun and rock it with confidence.
    I big chopped mid this year spontaneously and I rocked my hair with nothing but love and GO NATURALS,

  4. What do you mean by ORS?


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