By Hadassah Agbaps - January 23, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

As part of my promise to start afresh with natural hair basics, I thought it will be a good idea to start with the bane of a natural girl's life......washday!

Wash days are looked upon with dread and if possible, many a natural girl will prefer to go through her natural hair journey without washing...ever!!!

For naturals that have mastered washing their mass of coils/curls with little or no incidents, washday is just one of those things you do like cooking, laundry or even watching Kerry Washington on 'Scandal'...which is replacing 'Two Broke Girls' as my favorite series!

To make wash-day easier, I have scoured the net for videos that are relevant to Nigerian naturals....
I would have done a video myself but I have not mastered the art of washing my hair in front of a camera o and I wash in the buff!
So please manage these videos!

Before we start washing, there are things you need to know...
- You need a moisturising shampoo with good slip
- You need a conditioner with loads of slip to detangle your hair.
- You need a bottle of oil
- You need a wide tooth comb

- Shampoo your hair in the direction of hair growth from the scalp to the ends....concentrating on vigorous scrubbing to avoid tangles.
- Condition your hair only.
- Detangle condition laden hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers from the ends to roots.
- Washing your hair in sections makes washing easier and the longer your hair grows, the more useful it is to wash in sections. the videos...

THIS is exactly how I wash my hair except that I don't wear 'yellow tops'! So if your hair is midlength to long, this video is for you.

For those with shorter hair, you can use a light conditioner like icyunveme0912 to wash your hair. Please never use your bathing soap! The only thing labelled soap that should go on your hair is black soap or Castille soap. 
Since shorter hair is not long enough to pack or section to style, I decided to include a wash and go video by SimplYounique....

P.S If the videos aren't playing, you may have to view them in web version.

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