By Hadassah Agbaps - July 05, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

 I thought it will be a good idea to start with the bane of a natural girl's life......washday!

Wash days are looked upon with dread and if possible, many a natural girl will prefer to go through her natural hair journey without washing...ever!!!

For naturals that have mastered washing their mass of coils/curls with little or no incident, washday is just one of those things you do like cooking, laundry or even watching season 6 of "Game of Thrones" as we get ready for the new season coming up this month! #winterishere

Before we start washing, there are things you need to know...
- You need a moisturising shampoo with good slip
- You need a conditioner with loads of slip to detangle your hair.
- You need a bottle of oil
- You need a wide tooth comb

- Shampoo your hair in the direction of hair growth from the scalp to the ends....concentrating on vigorous scrubbing to avoid tangles.
- Condition your hair only.
- Detangle condition laden hair with a wide tooth comb or fingers from the ends to roots.
- Washing your hair in sections makes washing easier and the longer your hair grows, the more useful it is to wash in sections. the videos...

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  1. I think dealing with tangles period is the bane of natural hair, not so much the washing.

  2. Lol...yes it is!!! But tangles can be taken to a whole new level of 'ouch' during washing. On the other hand if done right, you can even detangle during washing when your hair is slippery with conditioner.
    I also wrote a post on how to avoid and get rid of tangles so washday will be a lot shorter and smoother. Here's the link...


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