By Hadassah Agbaps - July 07, 2014


Hi people, what's been on?

My hair is still in a protective style (ombre kinky twist) and with the heat, dust and rain, I feel the need to wash my hair. It's been one week only and if you have hair like mine, washing it will either make your hair frizz out more or actually tangle as the hair contracts around the extensions.

My usual practice is shampooing it one week before take down so even if it gets rough, it'll only be for one week. I noticed however that sometimes on takedown especially if I had the hairstyle in for longer than 3 weeks my hair gets really tangled. The solution to this is spraying it with a dilute mix of conditioner and oil which on some days I don't have the strength for.
It's worse if you're not using kinky extensions as the frizzes are really really obvious.
Also if you spray in leave in conditioning mixes daily, it's very likely to have product buildup especially if it contains more than just water and oil.

So how's a girl to keep her hair and scalp relatively clean while preserving her style?


Most baby wipes these days are pH balanced, hypoallergenic and contain skin friendly ingredients without being drying.
 They are also effective in cleaning up oil and grime. They are affordable too (N300-N800) for a pack containing 80-120 wipes depending on why ever not???

Directions for use are quite simple.
Wipe scalp clean until there's no more dirt then moisturise as usual. Wipe down extension too.

Look out for baby wipes indicating a pH of 5.5 and if possible contain soothing essential oils. Some have the added advantage of nano silver imbedded in them which is an effective anti-bacterial agent.

So it's a win win situation....clean well preserved matte free, frizz free hair. It sure beats the popular practice of using rubbing alcohol to clean the scalp!

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