By Hadassah Agbaps - March 13, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

I don start again with my long absence abi? Oops but shebi I said I had exams....and it's still on....
I've missed blogging o....so I decided to sneak in this post while I'm still suffering from insomnia....:)

These past weeks, I've been on the low manipulation roll....my hair has been in buns most of the time but at a point I got bored and decided to do a style that promised to be long lasting, interesting looking and most importantly low maintenance because at the moment, I need more than 24hrs in my day.

The style I chose was rollersets using bendy rollers a.k.a. flexirods.
Yup, flexirods aren't just for curling weaves, you can also use it to curl your hair.

.....but why curl your hair when your hair is naturally curly? Well, I asked myself the same thing!
The point of the whole thing is that while my hair is naturally curly, the curls are really tiny and I wanted to increase the size of my curls at the same time trim off knots and stretch my hair.

I've not really tried flexirod sets on my natural hair. I only do it when my hair is flat ironed straight because I don't really like uber straight hair....I prefer some kind of wave or curls in my hair because I feel it's low maintenance that way. No need for wrapping my hair up at night to keep the hair straight. I can simply pineapple and call it a day.

So I cowashed and deep conditioned my hair again with 'manshanu'....move over Aussie Moist 3 Minute Deep Conditioner.....at least until I run out....

I used only one product Elasta QP Mango Butter and Olive Oil Curl Defining Pudding.

Am I the only one that noticed Beautiful Textures Curl Defining Pudding and Elasta QP Mango Butter and Olive Oil Curl Defining Pudding are virtually the same thing with different packaging? This is why it's a good idea to read and compare labels so you don't waste money buying the same thing with different names.

So back to the flexi rod sets.

I made sure my hair was dry before rolling to
- reduce the time it will take for my hair to dry
- to make sure the Curl Pudding is fully absorbed into my hair....my hair doesn't absorb products when it's wet...
- to avoid frizziness

To do so, I rocked a simple braidout for the day and styled my hair the next day. I notice next day styling reduces hair damage and makes my styles last longer.

I can't remember the exact size of the bendies I used but it was the slim ones (about half and inch in diameter). I used a total of 32 rollers.

I started working from the back. I made my sections long but thin ( long enough to make rolling faster but thin enough to make drying faster)

Then I applied a naira coin size of Curl Pudding to my hair and worked it in until it was fully absorbed and my curls were really defined. This makes it easier to smooth my hair around the rollers. I used this opportunity to trim my ends.

It took me about 2 hrs to finish rolling my hair.
My arms ached.
I think I remember why I put off this style for so long! I could take breaks but I wanted to be done with the rolling already!

Then I prepared myself for an uncomfortable night sleep.....the things we women do....smh. Thankfully my night was cut short due to midnight studying.

Early the next day I took down the rollers to reveal these.....

Some bits hadn't dried so I did other things to let it dry some more before carefully separating each section into two or three.
I didn't want to over separate because I didn't want my hair to get too frizzy too fast. I had hoped to do a little separation every second day until the volume of my hair increased to my satisfaction.

So here's the evolution of my hairstyle over a two week period.

Finally as my hair got older, I tried an updo inspired by Teyonnah Parris.

To maintain the style I simply covered up with a satin bonnet and rocked my style as is in the morning. It was the ultimate 'go' style for me. No need for preening. Whenever my coils felt dry, I replaced my satin bonnet with my shower cap overnight to provide a humid environment for my hair.

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  1. Absolutely lovely :-) I'm a sucker for diy hairstyles

    1. Thank you :) I like DIY too but never really get round to doing them ...lol!

  2. You recreated the updo quite nicely! Lav eeeet!
    I hope I remember to come back to this for the flexi rods tips when my hair is older *sob sob* :)

    1. Hahaha. Thank you! You can do sets with any length of hair.

  3. OMG how is your hair so soft?? it looks like 4a hair or something, are you 4c? did you use any nigerian remedies to get it to be so soft?

    1. Lol! Thanks.
      Visually, I'm a 4b/c but moisturising products weigh my curls slightly making it look like 4a.
      "Manshanu" or cow ghee is a Nigerian natural butter made from cow's milk that provides yummy softness when used as a D.C.


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