By Hadassah Agbaps - July 22, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?

How was the holidays?
 It was a blessing and allowed me to really reset myself to default. Life sometimes can be a hyperactive dog on a flimsy leash and you need to hold on with two hands which means your hands won't be available for the business of hair!

When I get these moments, I switch over my hair routine to a low manipulation one.

For my fine hair, I noticed low manipulation styles with extensions actually break my hair especially if I want to leave them in for longer than 2-3 weeks which is why I rarely braid or weave my hair when I'm trying to grow my hair out for a major trim. I also feel I'm wasting the whole day in the salon to put the extensions in.

This low manipulation routine usually lasts a month and I repeat the cycle every month.


The day before washday (usually Friday evening), I'll henna my hair overnight and then rinse off, wash and deep condition using a portable steam cap the next day.
The deep conditioner helps hydrate my hair to prepare it for days when I won't even be bothered about my hair. I follow up with my oil mix on scalp and strands and finally a leave in conditioner.
Then I put my hair in chunky twists to dry and wrap with a pashmina scarf so it dries faster and just in case I need to go out.

Now here's where my sacrifice begins....the 3-4hrs long twisting sessions. I don't really mind because I compare that time to the same time I'll spend in a salon (and let's not add the waiting hours if you didn't have an appointment).
I actually spend less time doing my hair myself in the comfort of my own home with a movie too.

I put my hair in mini or medium twists. The twists are installed in such a way that they should last for two weeks plus.

To make sure they last, I
- Twist on damp to dry hair
- use a twisting butter with some level of hold (I use NappyGirl Pudding). You can also use a small amount of Ecostyler gel to twist too.
- do not wet my hair. I only scrunch in a little leave in conditioner and oil.
- cover my hair at night.
- don't manipulate it.. no pin ups....just pony tails for stretch...nothing to make my frizz prone hair do what it loves.

After two weeks, I carefully take down the twists for twistouts. I don't fluff, separate or pick out my hair. This helps maintain the definition for the next two weeks. As the days go by, it gets bigger and frizzier but not in a messy way.

Towards the end of the two week twistout period, I start stretching my hair out stylishly in preparation for washday and to make detangling sessions easier.
I do this by putting my hair in buns and updos.

I also notice that as long as the source of moisture is a water based leave in conditioner and I apply oil afterwards, my hair is generally tangle free .

The day before washday, I'll apply a slippery conditioner to dry hair, fingerdetangle, apply henna overnight and start the cycle all over again.
On my laziest days, I'll do a modified Aphogee protein treatment on washday instead of the overnight henna.

That's it for my low manipulation, time saving month long routine.

How do you care for your hair during a very busy month????

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