By Hadassah Agbaps - November 04, 2015

With the wealth of information and new regimens for natural hair's really easy to fall into the trap of doing too much!
 We can't all be super naturalistas following every kinky rule in the book to the letter, it's down right tedious and boring!
The beauty of natural hair is freedom......

Sometimes, I can't be bothered with my hair.
The good thing about being lazy is that I tend to look for the shortest fastest way to do tedious tasks so I have more time to do other sleep...!

Before I start dishing, let me say something.....
You don't have to do a lenghty pre poo, apply a hair mask, deep conditioner, protein treatment, hot oil treatment, clay wash, co wash, steam, clarify and all those length retention hair care tips you read about in one sitting!

These are supposed to be done on 'need be' basis.

 Take a regimen that solves your particular hair issues and if a regimen works for your time and stick to it.

The reason why natural hair bloggers write about different type of regimens and products is to be able to help address a particular need at that time.
Some regimens help you retain moisture, some help retain length, some are for naturals with long hair, some are for naturals with teeny weeny fros, some are for naturals in temperate regions, some are for naturals in tropical before you adapt a regimen, try and see if it's designed to suit the needs of your hair at that time.

So, here are my tips on being lazy with your natural hair and getting away with it!

-  What makes co wash appealing to me is that I can skip pre poo, shampoo and if I feel like it styling. Sort of a wash and bun kind of thing.
To make my co wash meaningful, I mix in oils in the last wash and rinse with cold water.

- I cut pre poo and detangling time by coating dry hair with a mix of NappyGirl Growth Enhancing oil, aloe vera and silicone free conditioner such as VO5 Conditioner the night before wash or just use a deep conditioner. 
Cover with shower cap. Double wrap to prevent drippies!
By morning, my hair is soft and easy to detangle.

*another tip to reduce detangling is to reduce the frequency of rocking free hair especially as your hair grows longer.

- I cut wash and further detangling time short by shampooing my hair from scalp to ends in twists/braids using diluted shampoo. Lather and rinse.

- Satin scarf every night ...errr not every night for me! Reduce that hassle by sleeping on satin pillow case.
 Don't have one?
Simply wrap your pillow right round with a big satin scarf.
Easy peasy.

-Don't have time to style?
Simply bun it!
An inverted bun (with the tips tucked in) is not only an ideal protective style but you can just wake up, spritz up, smooth and go!
Rough edges, just slick a wide band/turban and head out!

-Tired of forgetting to moisturise hair everyday?
Me too!
Just shower/bath with your hair out.
The steam in the bathroom is enough to get those parched strands popping.
To seal, just slick palms with oil and wipe on your hair.

-Limit products to basics....basic products that solves the main needs of your hair.
Trying to select a product from your mini beauty salon store is time consuming!
You really just need a shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, gel/styler and oil.
 Any other additions can be found in the kitchen... gelatin for protein, vinegar for clarifying etc...when you have the time!

-Weave it up! Cornrows, box braids, mini twists,yarn braids,wigs and weaves are hairstyles that can last a month. You can clean the scalp biweekly.

-Too tired to wash/clean my hair?
 I just wipe my hair and scalp with baby wipes.

-Don't have the time to L.O.C. everyday??? I just use my one step LOC mix on my kinks.

-Embrace shrinkage...battling with shrinkage is really time consuming!
 What's the point in trying to stretch out my hair for 4hrs only to have it shrink up in a second!
 Abeg joor!
 Let the hair be!
That's why I'm natural in the first embrace my texture so why bother trying to change it?!

- Must rock a twistout?
Well, make smaller twists/braids  and rock that for a week.
Take it out for the next week for an uber defined twist /braidout.
Humidity is your friend. Watch your style change as your hair gets bigger and better everyday.

Rinse and repeat!

What are your lazy natural hair tips?

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  1. we just tweeted your post. nice post. keep it up. follow us @briefessentials

  2. Lovely post,I am generally a lazy transitioner,all through the post I was just bobbing my head up and down with a smile,feeling like this is me all the time.

  3. Meeen the wayo pre poo is me. Also the lazy moisturizer. Wash days can be tedious at times. Lovely post keep up the good work

  4. I'm still enjoying my TWA so I can get away with most of this. Lol

  5. This post just spoke to me. Me na baba when it comes to laziness for my hair. Nice post

  6. Wow! really nice post. I've learnt a lot from this, keep up the good work.


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