By Hadassah Agbaps - March 29, 2016

Hi people!!!

Did you hear about the Easter Giveaway I'm running? Three Nappy Girl Kits worth N10,500 will be won!
Clues to different challenges will be shared all over my social networks. The first ten people to take part in the challenge will stand a chance to compete for the Nappy Girl Kits!

Errmm, I have a confession to make.

You know how random I can be. Something about personality and having lots of ideas floating I ummm, just upped and started the challenge on my Instagram (@nappilynigeriangirl, @nappygirlhaircare), Facebook (NappilyNigerianGirl) and BBM Channel (C00375DE3).

I seriously don't know how I managed to open up all these social network profiles! Just looking at them, it's a lot....but I did because some peeps (y'all know yourselves) felt that simply having a blog wasn't enough.
Left to me, a blog, an e-mail and a mobile number is all I need in my life!

This giveaway is also a way to appreciate all readers who followed or subscribed on all my social networks! 

It's not easy!!!

So the first challenge was meant exclusively for naturalistas with short hair.
I know how hard it can be to style short natural hair and I didn't want those with longer hair to overshadow you guys!!!
I shared clues  on Instagram (@nappilynigeriangirl, @nappygirlhaircare) and BBM (C00375DE3) and Facebook (NappilyNigerianGirl). 

Five people were able to get the clues and complete the challenge before the deadline.

 One person emerged winner and all 5 were gifted free airtime for participation.

 The giveaway was so random, the clues scattered about, the time frame short (just two days) and they still managed to send in complete entries!
 All were subscribed to the social networks and I couldn't let anyone go without winning something....nope!

I'm sorry I couldn't update the blog at the time....but no worries, there are 2 more giveaways to go and I'll do something special here for subscribers to the blog.
The clue to second challenge is up on my Facebook page. Hurry over and participate. It ends 1st April.

For subscribers to this blog (subscription box is on the right of this blog),  the first person to find the picture below in my old posts, gets N1500 airtime!
(This is also a random giveaway and will end on the 1st of April).

If you'd like to subscribe or follow on any of my social networks (so you don't miss random giveaways like this), 

Facebook: NappilyNigerianGirl
Instagram : @nappilynigeriangirl, @nappygirlhaircare
Twitter: @nappilynigerian

Wait, there's one more.....

BBM Channel: C00375DE3

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  1. I've found the picture 💃 💃☺ it's in your "HOW TO BE LAZY WITH YOUR NATURAL HAIR AND GET AWAY WITH IT!" in

  2. Hi Nitta, you're correct! Pls send your phone number to my email!


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