By Hadassah Agbaps - October 17, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

You guys know that I don't joke with deep conditioning, abi?!
Deep conditioning is the foundation for a good hair day in my natural hair book. You also know I'm a lazy naturalista and refuse to spend all day taking care of my hair. For this reason, I invest in hair care products and tools that will cut my wash day in half!

Some worked well while others were just a waste of money.
For example, I found it easier to curl my hair with flexirods than with Curlformers. It didn't do anything for my kinky hair. It worked wonderfully well though for relaxed and transitioning hair at the salon.
Another thing I got that's gathering dust is  handheld sewing machine. I bought it to make satin bonnets since it was very portable but that thing didn't sew jack! I finally made them by hand.

I'm digressing......

Today, I'll be reviewing the product below...and let you know if it's worth buying....

Gold N Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer Attachment



The Gold 'N Hot Jet Bonnet Dryer Attachment is designed for even heat distribution making ideal for conditioning treatments and quick roller sets. The Flexible hose attaches to most hand-held dryers while the compact size makes it perfect for travel.
Features -

  • Designed for even heat distribution
  • Use with conditioning treatments
  • Even heat distribution
  • Folds neatly for travel
  • Hand washable
  • Unique hose design attaches to most hand-held dryers


 I had been sitting on getting this bonnet dryer for months. I was skeptical especially where hair drying was concerned. I didn't really need a new portable deep conditioning cap because I already had one and it was ....still is bae. However, after one too many uncomfortable nights sleeping with permrods and bendy rollers, I finally decided to get myself a portable bonnet dryer.

Before purchasing, I did what I usually do... I scoured the internet for reviews and I wasn't really pleased with what I read.
 A lot of people complained that:
- there wasn't uniform distribution of heat when used as a portable hair dryer.
- it didn't work as well as a proper heat dryer and some suggested that air drying was better.
- it could create a helium balloon effect when the blow dryer was turned on and could even fly off the head.
- it was simply just crap.

In spite of these poor reviews, I got myself one....

.....because I had made up my mind to get one.....and maybe it might just work for me?

When the soft bonnet dryer arrived, I used it that night for a flexirod set and later as a portable deep conditioning cap.

As a portable bonnet hair dryer

To use this as a bonnet dryer (and a deep conditioning cap), one would need to have a blowdryer which is attached to the end of the flexible tube thing.Thankfully, I already had a blow dryer.
I attached the blow dryer, placed the bonnet on my head and adjusted it with the drawstring so it fit snugly around my head. I really tightened the drawstring because I didn't want the bonnet flying off my head!
I was really looking like an customised gold space helmet.

Next, I turned on the blow dryer. I had been warned in reviews to use the lowest setting or else I would burn off my scalp. They were right! I tried starting with medium heat and I almost roasted my head! So, lowest setting please! Don't be impatient like me.

Did it work?

Yes it did work .......finally.

 I said finally because at a point, it looked like only one side of my head was drying and frying. The heat wasn't flowing through the vents on the top part of the bonnet. It was just concentrated at the end of the flexible tube within the bonnet. I had to adjust it until I could feel the heat blowing through the vents. I think the problem was that the bonnet isn't firm enough since it's made out of cloth.

When I was done with adjustments, it dried out my set in about 45 minutes. I wish I had tried drying my hair in the day time. Styling my hair at night with the bonnet meant that after taking out the rollers, I had to sleep on my curls and so I missed the fresh bouncy curl sets one usually gets when one took out the rods in the morning.

As a portable heating deep conditioning cap.
For this, I applied my deep conditioning treatment to my hair, covered with a shower cap and put on the bonnet dryer.


Hmmmm....oya let me first list of the pros and cons of this bonnet.


- The first pro is that compared to this other portable deep conditioning cap, this one is designed to double as a portable deep conditioning cap and a bonnet hair dryer for roller sets.
 So if you'd like to have a portable hair dryer and deep conditioning cap in one place, I recommend this. Infact, I gave away my portable deep conditioning cap since I bought this. 

- It completely dries sets in the shortest time so you don't need to sleep with your head floating in the air because of them rollers.
It is way better than going to the salon to dry my hair.....which will never happen! With this bonnet, I can dry my hair without getting my ears burnt or my scalp cooked. Those ear muffs they give in the salons just don't work.
This bonnet is just too comfortable!
I can dry my hair while working on a paper. I can dry my hair while watching a series movie lying on my tummy.
Again, like I said when I reviewed the portable deep conditioning cap, I wish the cord was longer so I can even travel the world while still attached to the dryer.

- Speaking of travel, it is very portable. Easy to fit into your suitcase when you're travelling. It doesn't take up space at all. You can even fold it into a shoe. Compare with fitting in the regular hair dryer stand into your suitcase. You'll have to be Mary Poppins for that to work.

- Last but not least ( because ...recession) is affordable. Think of how much saved on trips to the salon.


- Unlike the normal portable deep conditioning cap which you can use alone, you'll need to purchase a handheld blowdryer to use this bonnet dryer. So in terms of the total cost of getting a blow dryer and this bonnet, it's pricier. If you already have a blow dryer, no biggie.

- It takes some getting used to. If used improperly, you can get burnt, have one side of your hair dry and the other wet and have it expand like a helium balloon making you look like ET.
So if you're the type that didn't like playing with building blocks as a kid, just give this a pass. Get a salon type dryer instead or just contend with an uncomfortable night sleep. It's just one night.

So, back to the question....was it worth buying?

Yes it was! The pros outweighs the cons.

How much again does it cost?
It costs N4000 (without the blow dryer sha) and you can get it here.

Finally, I'm sure I'm not the only one that purchased this product!
If you did, do you love it, hate it or are you 'meh' about it???

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