By Hadassah Agbaps - December 07, 2017

Hi guys, what's been on?!
I know, I know...it's been a long time since I blogged!!!
I have a project I'm working on and several qualifying exams to boot! 
I thought it would be a good idea to focus on that rather than blog half assedly just for the sake of blogging. 
Thankfully, I've kinda worked through the difficult bits and have a clearer head to write.

 I've been quite active on Instagram though, please follow me if you haven't. 

What's been up behind the scenes?


I've been trying out several new skincare products geared towards sensitive skin. 
Since turning the big three oh, I've gotten serious with my skincare and  use less irritating products preferably those that are paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, petrolatum free and pthalate free. I've written reviews on some such as

There are more gems I think are worth sharing especially now that harmattan season is upon us. 

With the sun beating down on already parched skin, one definitely needs sunscreen but until recently, I haven't found any I really liked.
You can read about my sunscreen woes here!
 Just last week, I bought one that's zinc oxide based, paraben free, oxybenzone free, for sensitive skin and doesn't leave skin greasy or ashy.  I'll share my first impression on Instagram.

Do you also remember, how I tried micellar cleansing water and loved it? Well, I discovered another one that's just as lovely. It's very gentle (I even used it to clean out a recent cut on my knee and it didn't sting one bit) and cost under N1000 for 200ml!

Oh, did I tell you I tried another Burt's bees product! Well, I got their natural salicylic acid based toner and let's just say I use it to quickly dry out pesky period zits!

Annndddd, I discovered another light, non greasy lotion for sensitive skin that's also under N1000 and can be found in beauty stores near you!

Just be patient, I'm working on the posts for these products and more so you don't miss out anything even if I have to disappear again! Lol!!!


I won't kid myself.....my basic everyday makeup is just that....basic! 

I'm just a girl next door with oily, acne prone skin who likes her makeup to give her matte, fresh looking skin with little effort....all day!!!! 
I've found a few gems here too! 
I've also successfully edited my makeup bag so the contents are way smaller than it was in this post!


My not drinking water often has come to bite me as I was recently diagnosed with kidney stones!!!! Arrrggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
I've had what's known as "mittleschmerz' for a while but the pain got worse to the point of waking me up from sleep!
 I'll have you know that nothing comes between me and sleep!!! Nothing.

So, off I went to the hospital to look at what I thought was the usual pain for two weeks only for the scan to detect kidney stones!
Luckily, it was detected early enough and I'm drinking water like a camel! 
The downside to this whole thing is I'm like an open ended pipe! 
Lemme stop right here and spare you the details but lesson is ALWAYS DRINK WATER
I mean, here I am harping on how to moisturise your natural hair and I forget to drink water! SMH!!!

I know..... water is tasteless and uninteresting but just for the sake of clear skin and clear, painless kidneys, please drink that stuff!
Seriously, the pain isn't worth it!
Anyway, to motivate me, I got myself this cute looking Citrus Zinger bottle.

 Did I tell you fushia pink is one of my favorite colors?

And finally,


It's harmattan season and you guys already know my default hairstyle is the silkpress which I shared here. As promised, I'll be comparing two different straightening products and give my thoughts on which I think is better! My hair is still curly though....I suspect it doesn't want to be straightened. All thanks to one unusual SheaMoisture product whose use was modified to give me well moisturised hair!

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  1. Lol enjoyed the post. I'm not yet three o but close and I hear you can never be too early so I'm totally here for the skin care posts.

    Tell me about drinking lots of water and being an open ended pipe! I drink a lot of water so I know the struggle.

    I love your hair in the last picture! Chai. When will my hair coil like this?

    Good one Hadassah.


    1. Hi Mitchell! Yes o! The water thing can be embarrassing but.....Lol! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hello, enjoyed reading this. Please can you share more information on the sunscreen and where to purchase. I have a similar issue with sunscreen. Thanks.


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