By Hadassah Agbaps - September 19, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

So, I've been tempted to wash my hair before the three weeks are up but 'not today, not today!'

To get my hands and mind off my hair, I decided to try out a protective style I saved on my Instagram page, @nappilynigeriangirl. My hair was previously stretched in six twists I had hidden under a wig for two weeks and I wanted my hair and scalp to get some air.

natural hairstyles
Source: Instagram @clatodd. 

This is hairstyle for natural hair inspired by @clatodd on Instagram. It was pretty easy to do.

All I did was,
- Make two sections from ear to ear.

- Divide the front section into two equal halts down the middle.

- Make three flat twists on each side and put the tiny metal hair cuffs.

- Gather the flat twists into a low (or high) bunny puff at the back.

- Place a scarf on top for 15 mins to tame any flyaways.

- DONE!!!

fine natural hairstyles
My version
protective style for fine natural hair

This style lasted 7 days. I always wrapped it up at night so it stays smooth by morning. Then I'll pat a little growth oil on and I'm out the door.

Fine hair can be a bit difficult to style especially if it is low density. Here are my tips and tricks to styling my fine hair to give it the illusion of lots of volume!

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