By Hadassah Agbaps - March 18, 2018

Hi people!
What's been on?!

Before you ask 😏, a ' Twist and Curl' is like a twist out. The only difference is that you'll roll the ends in perm rods so that when you untwist your hair, you'd have a twist out with curly ends.

You know how unpredictable twist and curls can be especially as our weather takes a turn from dry to wet! With humidity levels rising in Nigeria AND high porosity hair, the results I get from a twist and curl may not always be consistent.

To avoid heartache, I went to the market to purchase one pack of Bella Curly Twist Braid in 16' for N1,400 ( about $4) ......

..... and then carefully unraveled the twists for a twist and curl look.

I made 6 flat twists all the way back (nothing fancy) and had a friend of mine help me crochet the hair into the flat twists.

Why flat twists instead of cornrows?

1. Flat twists are easier for me to do myself.

2. Flat twists are looser and don't pull my hair as much as cornrow does.

3. It is easier to pass the crochet hair and crochet pin through the loops in my hair and thus avoid some mechanical damage to my hair strands.

I did not leave out any hair in front for this style.

I simply did not crochet from the edges....just some way off (we call it 'brush style' in Nigeria).

 Then I used gel to blend my hair with the crochet.

I also used bobby pins to stylishly pin the hair to cover the parts of my hair still showing my scalp.

Using only one pack made manipulating the style easy because it was not too full!


I tie a scarf around my head at night because my bonnet is too small for all that hair. In the morning, I'll moisturise my hair especially my edges with leave in conditioner.

How to preventing breakage while crocheting

I've seen a lot of people lose hair and edges when doing crochet braids and I noticed that one reason for this is because the cornrows were too tight! 
So, try making the cornrows loose.

Another reason is the tendency for the crochet hair to be pulled back to make a ponytail which increases pressure on the fine hair around the edges.
So, avoid pulling back your crochet hair as much as possible.

I also noticed that since crochet hair became very popular, some women crochet back to back. They take off the crochet one day and then fix a new one that same day.
Give your hair a break.

Again, you don't need 100 packs of crochet hair just because you're all about your volume. If you have fine, fragile hair like mine, that's a recipe for breakage.

Lastly, if your crochet pin is rusty and rough, don't be frugal. Get you a new one ASAP!

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