By Hadassah Agbaps - March 27, 2020

Hi guys, what's been on?

 I haven't blogged on here because!
It's super easy to upload a picture on Instagram so I'm there most of the time!
You can check me here!

I've sha missed sitting behind the computer and sharing my deepest thoughts about my hair, life and products I've used without trying to summarise them like I do on Instagram.

I've also created a YouTube channel so I can make detailed videos about my hair care process or even share a bit of myself and what I do besides natural hair care.
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Anywhoo, I tried out a lot of new natural hair products recently....especially from Nigerian brands.
While I used some Nigerian products that damaged my hair, I also discovered some gems that have made it to my holy grail products.

Today's review will be about ShanyiOrganics hair products.
On Instagram, they kindly reached out to send some of their products for me to try out.

They sent me these:

As usual, I'd be giving you my unbiased review of their prepare for a long post!!! ☺

My natural hair is 4b/4c with high porosity fine textured strands. It is 20 inch in length with medium density.
My major issues when caring for my hair are:
  • Breakage especially as my hair strands are longer and older. I also have color in my hair.
  • Dryness due to high porosity and sprinkles of grey hair
  • Tangles due to thinness of my strands and high shrinkage rate.

I love products that tackle these issues effectively.


1. Deep Cleanse Conditioning 2 in 1 Herbal Tea Shampoo.

Price: N2500
Size: 8oz 

Ingredient list: 

Unlike lots of Nigerian made shampoos tend to be, this shampoo isn't black soap based! Yayyy!

The chalky green shampoo has a watery consistency. I was afraid that one slip up and I'd spill the whole bottle!

I wasn't a fan of the fragrance which is reminiscent of toothpaste.
On wash days, I love my bathroom to smell like a tropical's the only way I can be motivated to go through with it.

Discouraging fragrance aside, the shampoo was very moisturising...I never experredit!
It foamed well but not like a sulfate shampoo would! 
It didn't leave my hair feeling dry or tangled after rinsing.

2. Goodbye Breakage Deep Restorative Smoothie 

Price: N3000
Size: 8oz
Product promise: 

Reduce your shedding ‘hair ball’ from a tennis ball size to NOTHING! Breakage Be Gone, For Good! This botanical infused smoothie is specifically formulated with strength boosting ingredients and herb extracts to reinforce the hair cuticle, revitalizes damaged and weak hair and fosters a healthier and stronger hair.


This product was weird and I'll tell you why in a bit.....

Let's start with the positives.
The smoothie has a thick creamy consistency like whipped butter.
I liked that it is manshanu based. Manshanu  is derived from cow milk and does wonders for dry hair.
  Here's my review of manshanu and why it's a good ingredient for moisturised hair.

Again, the fragrance put me off!
It was a cross between spoilt milk and toothpaste. I didn't like it at all.

Curious to see if it performed better than it smelt... I kept using it.
It went onto my hair smoothly but I noticed it didn't have much slip ....and being a tangle baby, I need me some slip!

Now here's the weird numbed my scalp and fingers.
 It was so a topical anesthetic agent was applied!
 When I noticed the loss of sensation, I raked my comb through my scalp trying to feel a little pain but all I felt was numbness. 
I thought it was all in my head until a friend tested it and noticed the same thing. 
I checked the ingredient list to see if there was a numbing agent... perhaps to prevent discomfort during detangling but there wasn't any.
Biko, has anyone else experienced this while using this product???

3. Knot Free Moisturising Milk Shake

Price: N2500
Size: 8oz
Product promise:

Knots and Tangles melts like ice with this ‘Milk Shake’. Soft, moisturized hair ISSA GOAL! Our Moisturizing & Detangling Leave In Conditioner softens your hair for easy manageability, improves hair elasticity to drastically reduce hair breakage when detangling and revives dry, dull and brittle hair by deeply moisturizing, nourishing, and strengthening hair strands.


This is a leave in conditioner.
 It smelt way better than the first two...a little like the shampoo but milder.
 It is silicone free, mineral oil free and paraben free.
The key ingredients are coconut milk and aloe vera.
Fun fact!
I can splurge on leave in conditioners because I don't have to rinse it out..... it's less painful to spend a lot of money

With the ingredients my hair loves in this particular leave in, I was expecting it to be moisturising and have good slip for daily use.

Buuuuutttttt,  I'll just say that this is not a leave in conditioner I'd reach out for when my hair is dry, tangly and needs a pick me up.
It did little for my hair.

4. Curls Delight Curl Sculpting Souffle 

Size: 8oz
Product promise: 

Getting bouncy, soft defined curls has never been this delightful! Poppin’ curls is your birthright, GO GET IT! Our Curl Sculpting Soufflé is a frizz free, non sticky PH balanced formula that gives you moisture rich, shiny and bouncy ultra defined curls while acting as an excellent moisture sealant.


Like the deep conditioning smoothie, this product is creamy and thick but unlike it, this souffle smells way better.
It smells a bit like bubble gum with some mint in it.

Of all the products I was sent, this Souffle was my favourite on my hair.
 It did everything that was promised. 

Moisture: Check!

Slip: Check!

Ease of styling: Yes yes yesss!

Curl definition: yup yup yuppy yup!

I was super proud of myself for not just giving up on this line! 
In fact, this is one of the best products I've used this year and I'm saying this with all of my small chest!!!

I used just the Souffle and a leave in to achieve this uber moisturised curly do!

5. Growth Magic Hair and Scalp Oil

Price: N3500
Size: 8oz
Product Promise: 

This herbal infused ‘Growth magic’ is everything you need for itch-free scalp and thick healthy ‘Rapunzel kinda-hair’!

It is formulated to reduce hair loss and breakage, revive weak & damaged hair, stimulate healthy blood circulation in the scalp region, and promotes healthy hair growth.


I'm wary of all these companies that claim their hair growth oil will give super fast hair growth in like 3 days!!!
Most of these oils do not even contain active ingredients scientifically proven to stimulate cell regeneration needed to grow hair.
I applaud this company for not making dubious claims. 
The ingredients listed can achieve what the product promises.
For example, the main carrier oil for the herbs is palm kernel oil. This oil is similar in composition to coconut oil. I have nicknamed it Nigerian Black Palm Kernel oil and wrote a post on why you should choose this oil in your quest for better length retention 
I absolutely enjoyed using this oil during the harmattan months and when my hair was straightened. It did prevent breakage. 
I don't usually have itchy scalp but I used it on a client with itchy scalp and it worked like a charm.
As for stimulation of the scalp, the tingle from the mint does the job.
Overall with less breakage, calm scalp and stimulation, I can see how one can retain length for longer hair. 
I use it in the following order ...Oil then leave in and cream...O.L.C. so to speak. 

6. Moisture King Daily Hair Juice

Price: N2500
Size: 8oz
Product promise:

Wake up your curls daily with a dose of this ‘thirst quenching juice’.
It leaves your curls refreshed, hydrated and ready to slay the day!

A Spray A Day, Keeps Your Curls Awake. Infused with deep moisturizing plant extracts and essentials oils that help keeps itchy scalp and lingering odor at bay.


This is the hygienic version of your water and conditioner mix in a spray bottle! 

Guys, if your DIY mix is 3 days old....throw it away and wash your spray bottle with bleach or disinfectant. Your 3 day mix has been a lovely breeding ground for bacteria!
The difference between this product and your DIY mix is 'preservative'.
 Preservatives prevent the growth of bacteria. By diluting your conditioner in water, you weaken the preservative it originally had.

This spray mist is lightweight and doesn't leave the hair feeling sticky. I didn't mind the fragrance of this one so much but it could be better. 
Mint and lavender essential oil is a tricky mix and can smell medicinal if not done well.
Unfortunately, the nozzle wasn't working and I had to transfer the contents to another spray bottle.
I used it as a curl refresher. 

Ehennn....I'm done with my review.

Here's a summary of my favourite products in this line....

If you read my review from the beginning, you deserve a medal....or about a giveaway of my favourite products?
What would you like to try???

Also, if you've tried this line, I'd love to read about your experience in the comments section!

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  1. Yay! You're back! Missed your blog posts

  2. I would like to try the Growth Magic Hair and Scalp Oil -for my itchy scalp and Curls Delight Curl Sculpting Souffle - to achieve a defined curl, which have never been able to achieve

  3. Thank you Hadassah. I got the Shanyi organics growth oil and hair juice. For the oil, I seem not to like the greasy feeling. Funnily too, I was not comfortable with the smell. For the hair juice, the nozzle wasn't working. I'm yet to use it but not comfortable with the smell too, I think that's why I'm not excited to use it yet.

  4. Thanks for sharing this precious information and really like the part that you talk about to use of Shanyi Organics hair products that is really interesting and I lat year got the Hair Transplant treatment because of my pattern baldness but now i cure that it with this treatment and now i become more caring about my hair and once again thanks for sharing this post.

  5. Thanks for the honest review. Your curls are beautiful

  6. This is my second time seeing this brand. I just read a review about the products on Naija girl next door's blog and got curious about other bloggers reviews. I think I'd like to try the sculpting souffle and the daily hair juice. I've been doing more hair styling and I think those products may come handy.


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