By Hadassah Agbaps - June 28, 2020

Hi guys, what's been on?

So, I recently tried my hand on African threading for the first time in years and let me tell you wrists are not the same again!😭

I only threaded two sections, I even did 'Some Gaps' style o..........and I cannot type well again!!😩😩😩
I was sitting on my own jejely when one yeye voice whispered to me 'Why don't you thread your hair, sis?'. Instead of me to pray, I gathered thread and started giving myself unpaid work on a blessed Sunday!

How did my mum do it for three heads of hair??? Gosh she deserves an award!!!

On a positive note, I feel like my 10yr old self who's excited to see the stretched results!😀😀
When my mum did African threading for us, the stretched hair at the end of 2 weeks was worth the initial discomfort!

 My mum would let us enjoy our natural hair stretched for church on Sunday, then it was washday and a fresh hairstyle. My favourite was the threaded crown.

I did African threading until I turned 13 and considered the style too childish for my tastes!🙄

 Do you think African threading is childish???

If you'd like to stretch your Type 4 hair without heat, African threading is the way to go!
It gives a blown out look.

I plan to have this in for at least 3 days! If you'd like to see the final results, I'll be sharing on my Instagram page here

PS. Be careful not to thread your natural hair too tight so your hair doesn't pull out!!

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