By Hadassah Agbaps - August 06, 2013

Hi people, what's been on?
I've been getting messages requesting for versatile natural hair styles one can rock to the office at the same time go for a date, wedding, church....anywhere. For some reason, I can't upload video tutorials for the updos I had in mind.
So, in the meantime, here are pictures of some simple updos I think you can try out at a glance.

One secret for getting the best results is styling on old twistouts to give a bit of stretch.
For volume, I simply spray hair lightly with just water.
To smoothen edges, you can either use water, a scarf or some gel.
To keep your style in place, carefully placed bobby pins prove useful.

Maybe when I get someone to hold up the camera for me, I could do pictorials of some easy hairstyles I love.

Here's the natural hair updo lookbook and happy styling!

Source: here

My fave go to updo. The beehive
Source: here
Source: here
Loc'd sistas aren't left out. I've been neglecting you guys!!!
Source: here

Source: here
Source: here
This is easy peasy
Source: here
This beautiful one is for TWAs
Source: here
Source: here

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