By Hadassah Agbaps - January 09, 2014

Hi peeps, what's been on?!

YES...I'm back!
....and NO I did not stop blogging.....I almost did what with everything going on right now....but then I couldn't....I kept thinking about all the readers and bloggers I have come to know through this blog, your comments that made my day and I knew...I CAN'T STOP!

So, I'm wishing you all a beautiful year of new beginnings....I wonder if there's anything like an old beginning, tho....lol!

HAPPY 2014!!!!!

I'll like to shout out my appreciation to all readers and followers (old and new) of this blog. Your readership and comments have been the life force of this blog. I wouldn't have been able to keep blogging without your support. Your questions and comments provide inspiration for blogging and gives me the strength to keep on twiddling with my hair and products to find better, simpler and more effective ways to care for our natural kinks.

I also want to appreciate my friends/family and all the beautiful people that took part in the 'Nigerians Got Good Hair Too' series. You made it worthwhile!
I want to specially thank Nussie Dabiri, I really appreciated your email. Thanks Boo.
Special thank you to
Troy of CitiMart Magazine,
Mrs. U. Oguejiofor of BSS Magazine,
Toyin Awesu of TwentySix85.com,
NaturalNigerian of naturalnigerian.com ,
Chichi of Chocolatekisses and
Chichi of chichiscuisine.blogspot.com

As a token of my appreciation to my readers and followers, I'll love to give away a set of products to one lucky reader.
These products are:-
Aveeno Daily Moisturiser for Dry Skin
This dermatologist recommended lotion contains natural oatmeal blended with rich emollients and is clinically proven to moisturise your skin for a full 24hrs.
Stretchy double comb hair grip
This bendy grip is perfect for elegant updos

Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship Conditioner
Give Rapunzel a run for her money with this velvety conditioner. It indulges every inch and gives your hair strenght against damage so you can grow it longer and longer.....and that's no fairytale
Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control
Alcohol free gel perfect for slicking down edges while adding shine and moisture to your hair. It's non sticky, non greasy and provides excellent hold without hardening your hair.
A tub of NappyGirl Ubermoist Pudding
Made from 100% natural butters, humecants and essential oils, this hair pudding is the perfect friend for length retention, reversing hair/scalp damage and providing soft, shiny hold to your dos! The secret to my long lasting twistouts and fros

To stand the chance of winning,

- You must be resident in Nigeria (if you reside outside Nigeria but have someone who can help you redeem your price, then by all means participate!) 

- You are allowed only one entry.

- Follow and/or subscribe to NappilyNigerianGirl blog.

- Follow NappilyNigerianGirl on Twitter on @nappilynigerian and use the hashtag #nf.... #NNGiveaway e.g.
#nf @nappilynigerian #NNGiveaway

- Answer this question in the comments section 'what do you like most about NNG and what do you like least'


Pls note... anonymous comments  are disqualified.

The NNGiveaway starts on the 12th of January 2014 and ends 31st of January 2014. The winner will be announced on the 2nd of February 2014.

The winner will be selected randomly via a computer application.

Till I spill again,
Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. welcome back babe! i have missed you.
    let me work on the giveaway requirements now lol

    1. Thanks a lot Fola! Missed you too, boo....oya I'm waiting o...lol!

  2. I love the fact that this blog has helped debunk my thoughts of our nigerian hair...
    I hate the fact that you don't blog often,i keep refreshing the page for new post but end up getting disappointed.. CindyBrown

    1. Thanks, Cindy! Aww....guilty as charged! I'll try to post regularly at least twice a week....scouts honor! :)

  3. I love your generousity in giving out quality enriching information for the natural nigerian girl... Plus your lovely hair and face

  4. Your writing style is engaging. You posses the perfect blend of information, education and fun - and this is coming from a guy. That says a lot, I believe. You're simply doing great!

    Samuel Troy
    CitiMart Magazine

    1. Monsieur Troy, my mentor! I appreciate the encouragement! :)

  5. I love the fact that it is very educative and informative. What I like least? Hmm...not enough DIY's and not putting up post often.

  6. I love the fact that its very educative and informative. What I like least? Uhm...not enough DIY's and posts are not put up often.

    1. Thank you, Peace! DIY's....hmmm.....okay...what would you like me to write about....I'll try and post a DIY on it....if it's not hard o!

  7. What I like most is when you go all inspirational on the blog. I absolutely love How my natural hair helps me be a better Christian. What I like least, you seldom blog regularly.

    1. Thanks, Motun!
      About the seldom blogging....noted!!!!!!

  8. Okay, I qualify for all your conditions. I've subscribed to your blog via Google friend connect, and I follow you on twitter.

    What I like most is the fact that you love your hair, and the result shows that. What I like least is that you don't post as much hair care articles as I would have liked.

    1. Lol! AN...you qualify o...no be say you talk..lol! Noted!!!!
      Thanks for your kind words...about the haircare articles, do you have any particular topic you'd like me to write about? Your feedback will be appreciated!

  9. Hey NNG! Happy New Year to you as well. Thanks for the shout out. Looking forward to doing more together this year.

    1. Thanks NN! Meeting and working with you was one of the highlights of the year. Looking forward to this year too!

  10. Thanks everyone for your feedback! Wishing you all a spectacular year as we move forward!!!

  11. I like the fact that you love your natural hair and you're very practical with your tips. What i like least...wish you were blogging more often and had videos.

  12. I like how detailed your posts are, how informative and funny they are. You take ur time do your research. I would like you to begin to post some videos I guess and try not to take long breaks away from the blog! :-)

  13. Chai…so i got named LAST. I'm crying crying crying :'( I thot you loved ur girl d most booskie??? Anyway, i will manage the last position u assigned me…I still love you plenty plenty!!!


    1. Aww boo....it wasn't listed in order of importance...my apologies if you thought you were least important to me....you will always be my booksie! MWAHHH!!!

  14. I love your versatility - some food post, self trials and hair mixes and wish you would post lots of DIY hair videos

  15. I like your blog because it motivated me to start a healthy hair journey and also the potentials of a well taken care of Nigerian hair. What I like least is that you don't blog often *sad face* and I really love your blog

  16. I love how practical and realistic you are about hair care.
    I like least that you don't blog regularly.

  17. I like the fact that your hair care routine is practical and easy to follow. I also like that your post are well researched.
    I don't enjoy the fact that you don't blog regularly.

  18. Replies
    1. @eniola , I mistakely deleted your comment but your name has been recorded for the giveaway...no fear!

  19. Thank you all for your encouraging comments but ahnn ahnnn now....am I not trying, I've taken your advice and started blogging often...abi I no dey try?!!! .lol!!!

  20. I like the fact that your blog is very informative and that you don't just stick to only natural hair posts, i happen to like variety :D. As for what i like least, I haven't seen anything i don't like so far...love your blog!


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