By Hadassah Agbaps - March 06, 2015

Hi people, what's been on?

As promised, today we'll be announcing the winner of the second edition of #ReviewwithHadassah.
A total of 39 people took part in this giveaway! Thank you guys for making this fun!!
Sadly, 7 participants were disqualified for not completing the steps required to take oversite I guess!

1. @adetoru
2. @_omab
3. @laojie58
4. @christ4lite
5. @skinpluscalabar
6. @zainabomaki
7. @moradeyo
8. @skuskus
9. @aunty_didi
10. @damisolesi
11. @fatee_haircademia
12. @kinikinks
13. @napplily
14. @ms_vixenrose
15. @ifeadifirstlady
16. @myosayi
17. @bee_be01
18. @calista_i
19. @graceykalu
20. @idy2kool
21. @lissabby000
22. @ms_wandie
23. @okoye_pink
24. @kayzee_o
25. @scarletxianne
26. @euchari_a
27. Nike
28. Olufolade
29. AB
30. Glowreeya
31. Kelo
32. Fadakemi

Random app for 32 entries and the winner is......


@aunty_didi !!!!

Whoop whoop!

Please send your details to so we can send your products to you. Again don't forget to send in your review so I'll put it up together with mine!

Thanks again everyone for participating!

Looking forward to the next #ReviewwithHadassah giveaway!

P.S. If you're interested in trying out the portable hair steamer, pls contact @jhennique on Instagram and Twitter.

If you're interested in trying out the deep conditioner, contact me on

Live Beautifully.Naturally.
Hadassah A.

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