By Hadassah Agbaps - March 23, 2015

Hi people,  what's been on?

Hope your hair journey is going smoothly!

The best part of being natural is the fun of switching things up! What other hair type allows you to be kinky in the morning, curly in the afternoon and straight by evening without extensions?
It's this freedom that motivates me to stay natural....and mehn....I love me some freedom!!!!

With this ability to switch from curly to straight,  I've been able to experience the fun part and not so fun parts of both styling options and here's my take on straight natural hair.

The first thing I love about having straight hair is that it feels so good...oh so actually touch and massage my scalp without the thicket of kinks and curls to make it a Sleeping Beauty situation. You know how the prince had to cut through a thicket of thorns and roots to get to the castle to kiss Sleeping Beauty? It takes almost the same effort for my fingers or afro pick comb to get to my scalp and I really love a scalp massage!

The next thing I love about straight hair is easy detangling. I can run a comb and *gasp* a brush through my hair without making ugly faces!

With straight hair, I can also work those beautiful intricate updos (a la Game of Thrones) without worrying about how my hair and roots will tangle.

Straight hair also means less knots at my ends because it is stretched and doesn't have the freedom to twist and turn discreetly to make a sailors knot....I dare it!

Straight hair means finally, finally my hair can blow in the wind in a romantic way!

Oh...and I can do the Indian Oiling Method with ease without worrying much if the oil is well distributed through out my hair because it is! No junctions or roundabouts to confuse the oil.

Ah yes....and I can see the length of my hair without resorting to a yoga pose to pull my hair behind my back.

With straight hair, my hair can finally fit into my bonnet without giving me the alien orb head effect.

Edges....smooth, silky , laid gel needed. Thank you very much.


While it's good to be able to brush my hair, straight hair does need a lot of brushing to keep flyaways in check....this is a lot of work coming from some who combs her hair once a month.

I can't go to bed with a bun and wake up the next day with the bun intact for me to just smooth and go....I need to put a new bun everyday.  Same thing with braids. The braids slip at night so I can't recycle it in the morning. Talk about high maintenance styling.

Speaking about buns, I gotta say, when you're used to massive globe like buns, the buns gotten on straight hair looks puny in comparison. Braids look like strings especially for a fine haired natural like me.

Leaving my hair free to blow in the said wind is a disaster! My straight hair begins to look like a hairy inferno. I double dare said wind to move my kinks!

Alas, I have to join other straight haired girls to become hydrophobic! Humidity is no longer my friend. No more cool head to toe showers on a hot day, no more singing and dancing in the rain without looking like a mess, no more swimming (or pretending to swim in my case of being a stone in water), no more exercising to the point of watching all the extra calories (or in my skinny case...laziness) turn to big droplets of sweat.....oh and no more spritz, spritz,  spritz. ...I miss L.O.C.

Did I mention the heat???
With straight hair, I can understand why God in His infinite wisdom gave us kinky coily hair! Africa is way too hot and humid for the nonsense of hair acting as a blanket!  Up, Up , Up and away is the name of the game!

Oh...and did I say how much I love the lollipop look....big hair, skinny figure....tres chic! Straight hair is too streamlined for me. One reason I prefer the blown out look to the silky straight look.

I also miss the 'boinginess' of coils and how unpredictable it is. Straight hair is like an 8 -4 job....very predictable....unless straight hair is actually straightened natural hair without anti humidity that hair swell and that's unpredictable for ya!

So have you switched from kinky to straight? What's your fave or least favorite part of both?

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  1. So I asked myself; Aint she blessed with hair like that? She is!

    I've not switched yet. Still weighing my options.

  2. I havent stretched my hair in a while because the wahala is to much. But I like how smooth my up-do looks though

  3. Beautiful :)
    Straight hair looks like work, but I'll try it in a few months for a change, just to see.
    What's your straightening regimen? Or have you already done a post about it?

  4. I straighten my hair with an electric hair straightening brush. It's quick easy and gentle. I absolutely love it. I found mine here


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