By Hadassah Agbaps - March 03, 2015

Hi people,  what's been on?

Today I'll be sharing a DIY tutorial that isn't hair related (or perhaps it is, stress is one cause of hair loss, abi?)

I had run out of one scrumptious vanilla scented scented candles and got super tired trying to find it in stores nearby so I thought to myself, "it can't be so hard to make one myself, can it?"

I'm a big fan of scented candles especially the ones with vanilla and citrus scents and I had a lot of pretty scented candle glasses lying around. I use the larger ones to hold my stationery but didn't really know what to do with the smaller ones except throw them away. The hoarder in me just wouldn't let go so I stored them just in case I got inspired.

Thank God I did!

I googled up the different methods of making candles and if you are based in Nigeria you'd know that craftstores are a figment of the imagination and good luck finding the soy candlewax, candle thread, candle thread holder and all the orishirishi for making your DIY candles!

So, what's a Naija girl gonna do?
I improvised!

What you'll need...

-4 normal white candles (the type they sell for N10). If your old scented candle cup is bigger you might need up to 8 or more.
- Your favorite essential oils (Naturalistas don't lack these)
- Old scented candle glass cup.
- Broom stick or kebab stick to hold your candle thread in place.
- Metal ladle for melting the wax
- Newspaper for messes

- First carefully separated the thread within the candle from the candle. I did this by carefully splitting the candle in half.  There is a better way though. When you melt the candle, the thread will automatically be free.  If your ladle is as small as mine was, you can carefully break the candle in three places taking care not to break the thread.
You just need one whole unbroken thread from one candle.

- Put the broken pieces of candle wax into the ladle and melt over low heat (so it will melt without smoking).

- Wrap the thread around the broom/kebab stick and place the free end inside your candle cup. Then carefully pour your melted wax inside the cup.

- Allow the wax to cool a bit (still melted but not so hot) then add several drops of your favorite essential oils until you are satisfied with the strnght of the scent.

- Allow to cool completely. Carefully unwind the thread from around the stick and trim to desired length.
Have a shower, take your favorite novel, light up and bask in the ambience of your creation.

Till I spill again,
Live Beautifully. Naturally.

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  1. Awesome stuff. I love diy projects like this.welldone haddasah

  2. Please where do you get your glass candle container?

    1. Hi, I recycled an old candle glass container.

    2. Hello , are you finding it difficult to get candle making products such as wax, scents, wick, candle jars etc. We sell and supply quality candle products. You can contact us via 0874753895. We deliver nation wide. Thanks

  3. Nice one Dear.... Thanks so much, will try this and report back here🥰.

    And pls, if is don't have an old candle glass container, any idea where I can get?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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