By Hadassah Agbaps - January 21, 2018

 Hi people, what's been on?

Today I'm going to be sharing the newest, dopest game changer for my oily skin!!!!

My face is usually like an oil well waiting to be discovered and to be honest, I wouldn't want to put anything on it since it can obviously fend for oily skin is not always moisturised skin so I need a moisturiser.

These days I prefer to use facial oils at night and a moisturiser in the daytime.
However my problem is that most moisturizers available are usually too heavy for oily, acne prone facial skin.
And......applying a regular moisturiser, then sunscreen, then primer and then makeup feels like a whole lot of products for one face!!!!

I definitely wouldn't mind a product that combines everything and all I need to apply afterwards is makeup!!!

Enter, oil control vanishing creams. 

 I made a chance discovery of this gem and have been hooked ever since!!!
I got the Garnier Oil Control Complete Vanishing Cream and the ingredients appealed to my finicky self (sulfate free, paraben free, mineral oil free).

It promised to give instant mattness without tightness while leaving skin moisturised.

I tried it and liked it so much .....but as usual with Nigerian stores, when I went back to repurchase, it was out of stock!
It cost about N2000 and lasted up to a month even with the tiny 40ml tube.

I liked how it seemed to keep my skin matte for up to 4hrs before I started leaking oil which was way better than any oil control primer I'd tried.

It didn't have sunscreen though which was a shame but on the positive side I'm glad it didn't due to my allergy to oxybenzone (the most common sunscreen agent in products these days).

Someone introduced me to the Pure Skin Oil Control Cream by Oriflame.
While I was hesitant because it wasn't paraben free, I had to give it a go to increase my options in case I couldn't find the Garnier one again.

It worked quite well in controlling the oil but for about 3 hrs after application (4hrs for Garnier).
However, it was effective for oil control during events like weddings, dinner parties etc before I had to dab with blotting paper.

Right now, I'm using Ponds Lasting Oil Control Vanishing Cream. Thankfully, it's a popular product and available on Konga.
I quite like this one because it contains niacinamide which is good for reducing hyperpigmentation and thus even out skin tone. Not bad...huh? 


I use the Vanishing Cream directly on cleansed damp skin, then I apply a sunscreen and then I apply makeup.
With vanishing creams, I really have no need for a primer as the product helps face powders and foundations stay on skin without creasing and my skin stays matte and smooth with just one blot by mid-day. For a product that mattifies, vanishing creams are quite moisturising because they contain glycerine (a humectant) as one of the ingredients to maintain the consistency of the product.
As a woman who isn't a makeup slay queen and just needs her face to look reasonably presentable, I do recommend this product.
So, yeah...thank God for oil control creams that doesn't feel heavy or greasy (my problem with most primers), leave chalky residue, dry out skin, clog pores, double as primers and leave skin matt for up to 3 hrs.

I'm really happy with this product and I'm eager to try out more brands!
If you know any other ones that work great, don't forget to share!

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