By Hadassah Agbaps - February 07, 2018

Hi people! 
What's been on?!
Was it just me or was January a very long month?! 
It's finally February already!!! 

February is a month of loving 💕 and speaking of love, I want to thank YOU, YOU and yes... YOU for keeping this blog going!
 Don't think I didn't notice how you've been sharing this blog with your friends! 
Don't think I didn't notice how you've bookmarked this blog on several occasions and don't for an instant think I didn't notice how your love for NNG has kept it going over the years!!!
To be honest, part of the reason I keep creating content year after year is so I don't disappoint you guys! 
I really appreciate your emails, your kind words online and offline.
 It fuels the need to keep sharing!!!

...and about sharing....
What would you like me to write about this year?

I noticed your interest in my
 makeup bag, in the protective styles especially the faux locs crochet braids and protective styles for children. I also noticed you like the affordable natural hair products series....and of course GIVEAWAYS!!!!

So it makes sense I'll be writing along those lines, abi?


I ran the first giveaway for the year and today, I'll be sharing the results!!

One lucky reader will receive a bottle of the much loved NappyGirl Growth Enhancing Oil worth N4200!!!

I really wish I could do the 'Oprah' and everyone gets to win something but alas.....
This blog really does need more sponsors...what do you guys think???

The Giveaway had two winners on Instagram with the participation of 21 lovely divas!
And here, 13 awesome ladies took out their time to share their hair goals for a chance to win Nappy Girl Growth Enhancing Oil!
They are:

Ijeoma Onotu
Margaret Agwu
Chidinma Okoroanyanwu
Babalola Yinka
Rachael Yimi
Debebs Daniella
Eve Ebhodaghu
Jenny Ogufere
Dora Ehigie
Ifeoma Oli

I used a Random Name Picker App to randomly pick out a winner

and the winner is......

Congratulations, Chidinma Okoroanyanwu!!!!

I'll be sending you an email for your delivery details!!!

For the lovely ladies that participated, thank you and I read your goals!!!
Let's work together to achieve it this year!!!!!

So, stay tuned for a 


Yayyy, right!!!

The details will be hidden in one random post so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it!!!!!

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  1. Yay! I won. Thank you so much for this and yes, January was so long it felt like a year on its own.


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