By Hadassah Agbaps - June 11, 2013


I'll come straight to the point by saying that your natural hair journey will be easier and happier if you just accept and love your hair just the way it is while simply admiring that of others.
It is very easy to compare your hair with another natural's and guess whose coils fall short?!!! Yes, most likely yours!!!

The best thing about being a natural is the freedom to be yourself in all ways.
Naturals all over have this in common...the only direction our hair grows and stays is up and uninhibited.
No matter your hair type, colour , thickness and length, we all struggle with taming our tresses to blend with what society thinks is normal, we struggle to keep our kinks moisturised always, we struggle with disapproval from friends and family not comfortable with the change, we struggle with finding the right products for our hair, we struggle...
 I know "struggle" sounds dramatic but some days, that's what it feels like _(_^_)_

That natural you saw with hair to be envied may have "struggled" in one way to make the hair look that way.
 Most likely, she just went with what her hair wanted...
(and snuck in a scarf like me! #bulliedbymyhair).

Every natural hair type(1-4) has its strengths and weaknesses.
It could be soft but prone to frizziness and thinning, uberkinky but can make one gorgeous massive twistout or locs or curly like a doll's but can't seem to keep in twists or braids.

Rather than be envious of other naturals' hair type and style, why not study your hair, find out its good points and bad points, enhance its good points and manage the bad.

And same goes to not just hair but to our personal lives as well.
 Rather than compare yourself unfairly to other seemingly successful people, channel that energy and time to discover what you are good at...

That's just my two cents anyway.... I would love to know yours...

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