By Hadassah Agbaps - July 28, 2014

Hi people, what's been on?

Today I'm going to blab awhile so unless you have time to spare, please move on!

My random musing will be about cats and how they have personalities....more personality than some people....

One day a stray black and white cat fell in love with my dad and followed him home. I suspect it was the fish my animal loving dad gave to her that got her hooked but the hopeless romantic in me insists it was love at first sight!

My dad introduced the cat to us and requested that I give it a name. I am the official name giver in the house. I christened two parrots, seven dogs, one cock, two hens and their five children, a billy goat, a snail, two beetles and now a cat.

I christened the cat Miss Norris after a similar character in Harry Potter because she had this madamish air around her. She patiently took all our pokes, tricks and gimmicks with just an irritated flick of her tail....flick...flick...flick....
She bore all our antics with patience due to the love she bore our dad.

My mum wasn't around the day Miss Norris came. The first day my mum was introduced to her she felt the cat must be possessed by spirits unknown. A popular Nigerian belief is that cats were vessels for supernatural beings. I had anticipated the resistance earlier and performed the Bible test. I opened the book of revelations and placed the cat on it. If she wasn't clean, she'll run away but if she was, she'll be comfortable.
Miss Norris promptly slept. I had to nudge her awake.
Yep...she's as clean as clean can be.

I gave my mum her Bible test results and while my mum was still wary of her, she didn't tell us to send her Miss Norris became a part of our family.

She also became a part of the love triangle. She competed with my mum and us for the attention of my father. As soon as she heard my father's car coming from a distance, her ears would perk up and she'd uncoil herself and race towards the door, crooning the special name she had for our dad.
I didn't realise that cats had special names for the people they loved until then. Apparently she didn't love us that much.
She had the advantage of having an acute sense of hearing...being a cat and all....and she'd beat us all to the door.
 We had the advantage of having arms to hug our dad and help him with his bag. This didn't stop Miss Norris from wrapping her wiry body around my dad's legs and causing him to vibrate with her purrs.

Did my dad return her love?
I think my dad loved her in a platonic way. He much preferred my mum but was kind towards the cat. He gave her pieces of meat at dinner as she watched him with adoration (or was it long throat??).
It went smoothly until one day, she overstepped her boundaries.

She nudged open my parents' bedroom door one day and moved towards my dad. She lept gracefully and silently on his tummy and was preparing to make her bed in the fashion cats are used to when my father flew up with his heart in his throat!

A startled Miss Norris clung tightly by digging her claws in!
Of course this was counterproductive as she was promptly dislodged with reflex action and flung away!

She landed with a thud and a hurt look in her eyes. The look of love betrayed!

My mum called me and told me to take her out into the corridor and lock her away. Since then, her freedom within the household was limited.

I suspect that that incident wasn't the only reason. I suspect the many times pieces of fish and meat went missing when she was around wasn't ignored.

Well, I guess she also got over the heartbreak because soon after that, she came home pregnant.....sly thing!

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