By Hadassah Agbaps - December 23, 2014

Hi people, what's been on? If you're wondering what style to do, Lissa over at kindly allowed me to share her protective style.


What I used?

 Two packs of SuperStar Kanekelon hair extensions; one in black and the other purple. They go for about 450-500 naira in salons and stores but could be cheaper in the market. Shea butter to seal my hair in place of the “oil” most stylists prefer. Extra yarn, extensions or any suitable thread for the curl bunching.

The stylist came over to the house quite early by 8am so while she prepped the extensions I washed my mouth and hurriedly had breakfast.
*talking with a stuffed mouth* I’m having Senegalese twists done and intend to keep it for four weeks.

Senegalese twists???
There are also referred to as rope twists, similar to Havana twists but made using Kanekelon extensions. It is straight and most times one is able to distinguish where the synthetic hair is attached. If you’re in Nigeria and still confused, fret not, it’s the twists stylists here are familiar with.
We eventually started 10am and on she went twisting away rapidly. Being so used to regular (relaxed, lol) hair she gave my pretty little head quite some pain but I persevered. But, ah e gbami o! (my Yoruba is rusty) I could keep silent no more as I watched some of my nappy babies leave their siblings, so I said,

 “Sister abeg comb am jeje cos I no dey relax am (Sister please comb gently because I don’t relax).”

 Unlike most stylists who’d think you’re melodramatic she smiled and quite nicely abided to the rest of my wishes. Fast forward six hours she was done.

 PS: As we got to my frontal edges I’d her reduce the size of the extensions so as not to exert much pressure on the not-so-strong edges which could result in hair loss…we all know how difficult it is to regrow those precious edges. The hair left out can be slicked back with Olive oil Organic Root Stimulator or any natural hair gel.

I've hair trailing everywhere!
With the extra extensions, she made bunches of 3 to 4 strands held together where the twisting end. Then, she wound the extra extensions about the untwisted ends and pushed upwards making tight ‘S’ patterns.
Tight S curl patterns
With all twists tied up they were carefully lowered into a small bowl of very hot water that’s just been boiled. A small towel or kerchief is soaked in hot water, squeezed out and used to pat the twists and scalp to make the work look neat and help the twists relax. No matter how restless you get, sit still because you don’t want a hot water accident!
Finally, the hair is scrunched to blot out water and the extra extensions loosened to reveal a curl pattern similar to Types 3b-4a hair depending on the tightness of the material used for curl bunching; styling gel could be used to coat the damp curls to prevent unraveling.
I was super tired afterwards but when I took a look in the mirror it was well worth it…beauty with pain. *rolling my eyes*


For more protective styles and how to switch it up, go to

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  1. Your hair looks amazing.
    Can you please tell me how you intend to maintain the braids during this season.
    I would appreciate your response as i am currently on braids also.

  2. lol.
    I didn't read your last post which basically answered my question. Now i know what to do.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Actually, when the extensions are tiny, that's when you lose your edges. In advised to do the sections at the front big, and the extensions are big. I've noticed bigger Braids don't make me lose my edges.

  4. I'm advised* Nice hair!


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