By Hadassah Agbaps - December 03, 2014

This heading though...it is almost a complete post......hmmm....

Hi people, what's been on?

I've got two products I stumbled upon (in Casabella) on a recent shopping trip.

On getting home, I wasted no time in trying both of them!
I sectioned out some hair in front, rinsed out all products from that section with water, divided into two parts, applied one product on the left, the other on the left, waited for it to be reasonably dry  and had this...

Defined elongated curls on my type 4 natural hair!
I promptly uploaded the pic on Instagram @nappilynigeriangirl ,played a lil guessing game and promised to send them to whoever guessed right....which understably wasn't easy because they weren't products I'd normally use.

I revealed both products and promised to share my review of both of them and here it is....

Intro...Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls and Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair Define and Shine Custard.

This will also be a sort of tutorial on how to use the Curl definers included in the personalised NappyGirl Kits for those who purchased. I know even though we all have candy floss kinks, our textures are almost as unique as our fingerprints. I'll try to include tips over a range of textures I've been opportuned to handle.....so let's go!


Step 1.
To get any sort of curl definition, your natural hair should be well moisturised and healthy. This can be a challenge as the weather gets dry...so my first tip is to
Convert the conditioning step to deep conditioning
After shampooing your hair, divide your hair into manageable sections and generously slather your conditioner to each section, loosely twist and cover with a shower cap.
If you have more time on your hands, you can do a prepoo with an oil before you shampoo then deep condition.
Then rinse off and blot off excess water.

WHAT I DID: I combined all this step in one by doing a Bentonite Clay Treatment because that's what was going to get my curls hydrated enough to pop and clump after a month of straight  hair and lots of coconut/palm kernel oil.

Step 2. Curl definition.
This step will depend on your hair texture. Since this blog is targeted at Nigerian naturalistas, I'll make a wide assumption that our natural hair pattern falls within the Type 4 Category with variations in thickness, density and porosity.

For those who have kinks with no visible curl pattern when wet, apply your curl definer to manageable sections ( about 6 if your hair is longer, 8-10 if your hair is shorter).
 Scrunch in (squeeze in) so your hair soaks up most of the definer.
 Then fingercomb or smooth using praying hands until curls clump. Loosely twist that section away and repeat for the rest.
Let hair dry (about 90% to avoid it being a twistout), then gently untwist and style to your taste taking care not to unclump.

For those with kinks that have visible curl pattern when wet, repeat steps above but make your twists much looser to avoid the twistout look.

WHAT I DID: I fall into the latter category so after blotting my hair, I applied on different occasions the Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls and the Cantu Shea Butter Define and Shine Custard using the method I just described.

Tip: Twistout is also a fast form of curl definition but in my experience it works much better with leave ins and styling butters than gels.

Step 3: Maintenance
After all your work on day 1, you don't want your style to go to waste abi?
Maintain your style by making loose twists or by loosely pineappling your hair. In the morning, either apply leave in conditioner (if compatible with your curl definer) or wet your hands and scrunch into your hair. Just enough to rehydrate not wet the hair.
To elongate your wash and go further, make loose twists and release once hair is dry.

So which of the two products do I prefer?

Here's my experience with each of them.

Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls

- The tube packaging make it easy to get just enough product to work with and in my opinion is more hygienic.

- The scent. I liked the perfumy scent though I'm a fan of more fruity scents.

- It's a clear gel and it mixed well with the leave ins I had (Kinky Curly Knot Today, Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner, Pantene Relaxed and Natural wrap and Set Lotion)

- It enlongated my curls without flaking.

- Compared to Ecostyler, this ish doesn't leavr your hair feeling sticky.


- Gosh, I wondered what was so gelly softy about this product when it dried crunchy. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
However I learnt to work with it by applying it over my leave in and I could finally say "Jelly Soft Curls" without snickering.

P.s. The leave in should be totally absorbed before applying the gel or you might say bye bye to hold.

- The ingredient list is just plain plastic in my opinion. Very basic ...apart from the Wheat Protein, I found it difficult to pay the almost N4000 for 8.5 oz of "basicness" ......but mehn...I'm impressed.

- No slip. I felt uncomfortable raking it through my hair and it had this foamy thing before it dried. I felt better when I could layer it on leave in and still get good definition.



- Amazing slip! I could forget this was a styler and use it as a detangler (nice slimey consistency)....don't do it sha, I'll explain why....because using it as a detangler means you use more which increases the likelihood of terrible flaking.

- Coconutty scent...though I have a love hate relationship with the undertones of the scent. Sometimes I love it...other times I don't. It's 50/50.

- Decent ingredient list at N3200 for 12oz...lots of organics so I don't mind too much if it touches my scalp. Miss Jessies was totally off limits where my scalp was concerned.

- Great definition!


- Though my hair was defined, I had more shrinkage with it than I did with Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls....not complaining though...I've embraced my shrinkage.

- Flaking. Now this didn't happen to me, happened to my sis and a friend of mine....dandruff like flakes....Miss Jessies was okay. I'm beginning to suspect it's a porosity thing.....I feel the need to find out why because the definition and slip is so good, it'll be a shame if the flaking makes one feel like trashing it!

- Crunch. Though the crunch factor is better than Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls, it doesn't play well with my leave ins so no cure for that.

So which do I prefer?

Complicated me wants both for the pros but I'd repurchase the Miss Jessies Jelly Soft Curls in a heartbeat because it has less drama.

Have you tried any of the products? Did you like, dislike or were you "meh" about it?


For being patient enough to read through my long review, here's the GIVEAWAY!

One reader gets to join me in the review of my next curl definer,

"ApHogee Curlific Curl Definer!" . 

It has been included in the "Best of 2014" list on NaturallyCurly.com and I'm eager to see how well it works in our Nigerian weather and on a different Type 4 natural hair texture.

If you're interested,

- Simply comment on this post saying why you'd like to try this product and leave an email addy so I can contact you if you win.

- Please this GIVEAWAY is open to readers resident in Nigeria.

- The GIVEAWAY deadline is 10th December 2014 and the winner will be selected randomly.

P.S. If you win, don't forget to send in your own review so I'll publish it with mine!


Live Beautifully.Naturally.
Hadassah A.

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  1. Woot woot, your hair looks gorg! But won't leaving your hair out in a wash-and-go like that leave you in Tangle City?


    1. Thanks Berry! Yes there's the risk of Tangle City with a wash and go ,however I work around it by,
      - Keeping my hands out of my hair as soon as my style sets
      - Keeping my hair stretched...the Miss Jessies helped with that in addition to providing a protective flexible cast. I also put my hair in loose twists when "not in use" to prevent tangling.
      - Not letting my hair get crunchy dry. This will make it harder to work with when washday comes.
      - and speaking of wash day, I intend to use a conditioner with lots of slip to detangle my hair. I will most likely marinate my hair in it overnight.
      Hope this helps....

  2. Hello NNG,
    Good job there! to admit I'm not a random product person like that but I'll like to try the Aphogee curlific curl definer because I'll like to know how a curl definer feels (never used one before). I'm a minimalist naturalisa I use oils,water and leave in for my twists and braidss

    1. Thanks Nike. I hope you'll be able to get to try it. P.S. you didn't leave an email to contact you with....

    2. Olanikealabi@rocketmail.com , thanks ;)

  3. I would really love to try this product out...I haven't really had good experiences in the past with wash n gos and if it really does everything it claims to ....then my fine strands will be in curl bliss! olufolaade@gmail.com

    1. I agree with you, Fola. Wash and go's can be hit or miss but I've discovered that the right product leans more in the "hit" direction.

  4. This was fun to read! Your hair is so pretty, as always.
    2 and a half years natural and I've NEVER even thought about attempting a Wash N' Go with my super kinky coils.
    But, because of this post, and a sample 1 oz sachet of Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls lying in a corner of my shelf, I think I'm going to give it a go.
    I have three other Miss Jessie's samples, and when I got them, just like you, I was wondering why so expensive with ingredients so basic? Oh well. As long as they work.

    P.S. I want to enter the giveaway, simply because I'm a hopeless product junkie who hasn't found a styler she wants to settle down with!

    1. Thanks AB! Yes o! Miss Jessies products are weird. After going through the mineral laden products of theirs and wondering "what's in it for my hair to spend this much" I had to settle for the basicness of the Jelly Soft Curls ....at least it was safer. Then picked up the Cantu to compare since I'm quite comfortable with their products.
      I hope the tips helps you get a fantastic first wash and go o! It'll be fun to try out the whole Miss Jessies line. From research about the product, it was advised that you can layer the Jelly Soft Curls over the Pillow Soft Curls or Buttercream to get less crunchy curls. I look forward to your review!

    2. Dear Hadassah, I am seriously coveting your hair texture and results and yes, I would really love to try this curlific curl definer out...not been successful with twist outs in the past 2.4 years (groan). Fingers crossed...myosayi@gmail.com

    3. Thanks Osayi. Fingers crossed..lol...but in the meantime, you can check out some posts on twistouts. I've also had my fair share of botched twistouts and have shared how I managed to get decent results consistently.

  5. hyy hadassah! lurvvee ur hair! been followin ur blog a year now..i guess d awhoof transformed my ghost mode *grins* i would like to have d aphogee curlistic curl definer cos i ve been searching for a product that would define my curls without build up i have avoided many recommendations due to fear of product junkie-ism.........eguahongloria@yahoo.com

    1. Wow! A year is something!Thank you for following! Looks like I should do more awoof to get to know my readers! Thanks for participating! :)

  6. love your blog. love freebies too. if you would think it fair to gift me the aphogee that would be nice. i simply will not put a relaxer like i have already planned to. i have just a few inches of natural hair but i love the little curls so much i have postponed relaxer indef. p.s this is skin calabar. dont know why i am turning up as anonymous eek/

  7. my comment is missing. weeps

  8. I see you SkinPlusCalabar and your comments went through without anonymity. It had to pass through comments moderation which is a cool way of saying I definitely read through everyone's comments and can reply if I can! Will need your email addy should you win this yummy freebie for your pretty lil curls! ;)

  9. Hi! I love your curls! I would like to try the apoghee curl definer because I'm yet to find a curl definer that doesn't make my hair sticky-ish and crunchy after a while.
    Email - lildeju@ymail.com

  10. Wow love how your hair turned out. Would really love to try the "ApHogee Curlific Curl Definer" on my natural hair cause I haven't tried usin any curl definer on my natural 4c hair and would love to see what the result would be, hopefully it wud be beautiful just like how urs turned out to be wif the 2 products you tried. Kellogbonna@gmail.com

  11. I am swooning with envy for your curls. I just started using a curl define cream last month. My first and only is/was the Keracare twist and define cream. Though it still requires me to do a twist out with it. I will like to try the apoghee curl definer with the method you have outlined. i will love to see how my texture holds out. Email: fobanawu@gmail.com

  12. Wow love how your hair turned out. Would really love to try the "ApHogee Curlific Curl Definer" on my natural hair cause I haven't tried usin any curl definer on my natural 4c hair and would love to see what the result would be, hopefully it wud be beautiful just like how urs turned out to be wif the 2 products you tried. Kellogbonna@gmail.com

  13. Please can you recommend a good dye for Natural hair aside from Henna? Thanks.

    1. I've used Dark and Lovely with no probs. Crème of nature, L'Oreal and Garnier brands of dye are equally good. Just make sure your hair is healthy, split free, moisturised and strong before dyeing as dyes tend to make the hair a bit drier.

  14. Hello hadassah! Blog lovurr here!! Anyhoo, I normally see some clumping with clay wash but as soon as I rinse the clay out, the curls are gone. Wondering if the same thing happens to your hair? And if it does, do you think the curl definition products wouldnt work? Would try the curl definning products on my next wash though. And second, did you use a conditioner after the clay wash?

    1. Thanks for the love boo! Yes o, on rinsing off the clay some definition is lost because there's no clay to weigh down and hold the curls together but at least you'll get to see what your definition can look like. Curl defining products act like the clay by weighing down and holding curls together.
      For your second question, I sometimes use a conditioner to cowash the clay from my hair but it's still okay to rinse with plain water. When I use plain water, I always use a leave in conditioner afterwards. For review purposes, I used plain water to rinse and didn't add any leave in on my first trial but subsequently, I had to use the leave in conditioner under the definer to reduce cruchiness.


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