By Hadassah Agbaps - May 11, 2015

 I'd gotten a bit bored with my curls and wanted a change. I challenged myself to go a month with this protective style so taking it down was not an option. I really wished I could just get in the shower and drench myself from head to toe without worrying about my hair. I missed my hair.
The crochet braids was making me uncomfortable. It was light and soft, didn't itch once in the two weeks I had it on, I could still feel the breeze on my scalp but still.....your hair is your hair.
Maybe I should do it more often so I can get used to using extensions again.

To distract me, I tried different updos to keep the hair away from my face and ears. Those tiny wisps of hair that tickle my ears are really irritating.

By the end of the second week, one lazy Saturday, I couldn't stand it anymore....I reached out for my scissors and lopped it all off! Oh...the relief!!!

While thinking of what to do next, I spied a pack of First Lady Afro Twist Braid I bought just in case I felt the need to put some kinky twists. The perks of doing my hair myself is that I can be completely random. No need to book appointments, no need to waste time in the salon. No need to leave my house.

I wasn't in the mood to take down my braids and put in fresh ones so I used the old braid pattern in all it's fuzzy, frizzy glory. My parts had completely dissappeared which was a good thing because my new installation looked more natural.

I ran out of the pack after working on the perimeter and had to rush out to get another one.
P.S. It's a good idea to start installing around the perimeter of your head especially when working with kinky or marley hair so it doesn't get too full. It also helps make sure you get a smoother look around the edges.  You can then fill in the center with as much or as little hair as you want.

I could have left the middle part of my hair empty since putting the braids up in a bun covered the cornrows beneath but I needed flexibility.  What if I wanted to do something elaborate? My godson's baptism was coming up and I needed to make him proud of having a naturalista mama!

Another 3hrs later, I was done.

Here's my final look!

Oh...the tangling!!!
Unfortunately it wasn't real hair so a yummy detangler wouldn't help. I ended up leaving the hair in a permanent bun!
If you really don't have the patience for fingerdetangling (combs just make things worse), I'll advice you not to try least not with the afro kinky hair we have in the will weep!!!

For those wishing for waist length natural hair, please try this hairstyle out and see if you still want waist length natural hair!!!

I loved it though because the bun was huge!!!!
 People especially those used to my natural hair couldn't believe it wasn't mine and I really enjoyed the whispers of "Is it her hair? It can't be weavon...can't you see how she packed it.....maybe she has dreads.....".
Sometimes I forgot it wasn't mine too.
I'm so used to kinky coily coarse tangle prone hair that I much prefer using the kinky tangle prone extensions to the smoother,  softer Expression Kanekalon hair I started out with.

I don't think I miss my hair as much as I did with the Expression braid hair.

There's something comforting about kinks!

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  1. Nice one. It does look like your hair. Crochet braids have been on my mind for months now but the time is what I don't have.

    1. Thank you. Perhaps you can have it done at the salon, it'll be faster .

  2. Replies
    1. I could but I wanted to use hair I could have easy access to without waiting for it to be shipped.


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