By Hadassah Agbaps - May 16, 2016

Hi people, what's been on?

It's been a long while since I blogged because network won't allow me be great. Thankfully, it's not been so bad that I couldn't update Instagram once in a while.

 About our Easter Giveaway, two challenges have been completed and two Nappy Girl Kits worth N10,500 have been won. There's still one more, so don't give up yet.
A clue can be anywhere so keep your eyes peeled!

The giveaway was a way to say thank you to subscribers and followers on all my social networks. The first giveaway was open only to subscribers with short hair.  I did it that way to prevent those with longer hair from taking all the glory....hehehe. I know it can be a challenge styling short natural hair.
The second giveaway was open to those with medium length to long natural hair.
While I appreciated the participants for sending in their pics, I was a kind of hoping to see more creative styles than the afro puff for those that entered in the short natural hair category.

Short natural hair especially as it's growing towards that awkward length is fun!

 That's the only time you can rock a fro hawk safely and still look professional. It's the only time you can braid or twist and just lop off excess hair when it comes to take down. It's the only time to try the look of fingercoils and not have it fall limply. It's the only time you can rock a fro safely without being bothered about detangling afterwards.
You may not be able to simply bun and go but there are lots of beautiful styles that come with having little hair.

To encourage naturalistas with shorter hair to be more creative, I'll be working with models with short natural hair to show you guys one or two styles you can pull off and what products you can use.

Today's style is called comb coils.

Comb coils a.k.a fingercoils or single strand twists work with different shades of type 4 hair and I particularly love it on very kinky textures.
Do you know you can also use comb coils to start your locs?

What you'll need
- Freshly washed and conditioned short natural hair
- a tail comb (you'll be using the end). For this style though I used ....wait for it, the end of my eyeliner makeup brush. It was narrow and smooth enough.
- a spray bottle with clean lukewarm water
- a moisturiser
- a styling gel or curl definer (I used a mixture of Nappy Girl Pudding, Ecostyler gel  to get both hold, shine and so it won't dry crunchy).


I sprayed a small section with water to hydrate the hair then applied Nappy Girl pudding and Ecostyler gel. You can follow the steps, first with a moisturiser of your choice and then a gel.
Make sure to use very little gel so you won't have flaky hair afterwards.

For this style, I made random parts with different sizes of comb coils to make the style look more 'organic'.

You can create square parts or diamond parts if you wish it to look perfect.


Maintenance of comb coils  is simple. Satin bonnet at night, rehydrate with a little spray of water and spread a light oil in your palms and dab.

This hair can last as long as 3 weeks and gets better with time.

Take down is also easy. Wet each section, untwist in the opposite direction you twisted and separate.

Looking forward to seeing how you rock this style! If you tried it, don't forget to send a pic to

I have a lil something for the first 3. The more creative, the better!

Have fun!
Hadassah A.

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  1. Looks lovely, I tried it with my medium length hair and it kept unraveling, so I resorted to two strand twists.

  2. This is lovely. I will give it a try.

  3. I love your hair! I want the same hairstyle. Thanks for sharing this.


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