By Hadassah Agbaps - May 08, 2016

Curls Coconut Sublime Conditioner


Super moisturising rinse off conditioner hydrate and soften the driest curl! Great for midweek conditioning rinse also.


Apply conditioner to wet hair. Detangle with wide tooth comb. Leave on for 1-5 mins. Rinse. Works great as a mid week conditioning rinse- rinse hair, apply Coconut Sublime Conditioner, detangle and rinse.


First of all, this product has an awesome banana-coconut smell. I'm one of those naturalistas that doesn't mind smelling like food....not rice and stew kind but the chocolate, vanilla, citrus, icecreamy, fresh baked cupcakes kind of scent!

After reading the wonderful ingredients which consists of apparently harmless ingredients I would mix in my kitchen plus paraben, alcohol, silicone, mineral oil free, I had faith in my heart that this product will be a winner.

It also comes in a unique wine plastic bottle that makes my shower caddy look sophisticated....hehe. It comes in a new design now but the same wine bottle shape.

So, pretty packaging aside, how does this ish work for my fine, thirsty high porosity natural 4b/c colored kinks????

Truth be told as a rinse out conditioner used normally after shampoo, this product does absolutely nothing for my hair. It doesn't have much slip for detangling at all. So it's not my first choice for detangling my hair especially after a long term protective style. You will just weep.

As a suggested mid week cowash tho and as a deep conditioner, it is like its name says....sublime!!! Curls popping and smelling great!

For cowashing, I water rinse under the shower to remove all products, dilute the conditioner a bit, cover with a showercap while doing other shower stuff, do light finger detangling (on hair that isn't very tangled) and rinse off. Blot dry, apply oil, moisturiser (sometimes I can even skip this) and gel (if styling in a wash and go). No buildup or whatever.

See how happy and shiny my curls are? This is my last use. I'll miss this product if I didn't have alternatives...

Unless I'm trying other products, this is what I've been using.

Would I repurchase?
I don't think so....not unless my hair starts freaking out and I need to go back to what worked well for me.

I've had it for almost a year - 9 months exactly (which is a long time for any conditioner used as a cowash and deep conditioner).
 If you know how happy I am it's empty ehnn! I need to try other products without feeling guilty I have half used products.
The  conditioner is very thick and a little goes a long way. Infact, I think it's better in an inverted bottle (like Aussie Moist Deep Conditioner) or a tube just so it's easier to dispense and I can be lazy with my arm muscles.

Do I recommend it?
Yes I do. I think it'll work well for high porosity naturalistas especially those with color treated hair as a deep conditioning treatment and for cowashing. It can also be a substitute for Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Conditioner if you want to save but get good quality.

Where can you get it?
While I got mine outside Nigeria, you can get yours at KinkyApothecary.

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