By Hadassah Agbaps - December 10, 2016


Hiya peeps, what's been on?

So, it's no longer news that Alicia Keys decided to live the rest of her life minus the extra weight of facial paint.
Her reasons being,

"I believe this is the time of the woman. The definitive moment when we get to uncover the ideals that have been placed upon us and be who we are, as we are, in all of our beauty, depth and complexity. For me, not wearing much makeup is a metaphor for that....I started, more than ever, to become a chameleon, never fully being who I was, but constantly changing so all the ‘they’s’ would accept me.”

Alicia Keys, I totally get you girl but.......

Let me be honest, my day does not officially start until I have 'dressed' up my face. It has nothing,  absolutely nothing to do with self love/acceptance or lack of it......or wait, come to think of it, it does!
I actually love myself (and my face) so much that I love to dress it up in pretty things and pretty colors!

Let me explain how I see it.

I love my body. The beautiful skinny body  God blessed me with. Those who know me personally will know I'll rather be out of my clothes than in it. It seems to be genetic!
So I don't have any shame or hangups whatsoever about exposing my body.
However, just because I love my "undressed" body so much doesn't mean I should walk on the streets naked.....because....values. 
As a result of the love I have for my body, I love to dress it up in pretty things. Wear nice dresses, cute shoes, lovely accessories etc. If I hated it, trust me I wouldn't even bother with shopping.

It's the same with my face
I love my "undressed" face so much that only people that matter most to me get to see it! Really, if I did hate my face, I'd even go to bed with a face full of makeup....not that my face will tolerate that! Spoilt pampered thing that it is would give me one or two serious boils for my insolence!

Anyway,  because of the love I have for my face, I love buying pretty gifts for it....afterall, my love language is Gift giving. It gives me pleasure to give gifts or do something nice for the one I love.
Thus, I give my face gifts of organic skin oils, serums, washes and the way, Tumeric, Bentonite Clay and Honey mask is a dream come true! Try it out for pesky zits and thank me later.
I give my eyes gifts of beautifully colored eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners etc.
I give my lips the gift of fushia pink, red or nude lipsticks. It absolutely loves lip glosses too.
I give my eyebrows the gift of careful grooming and the occasional eye brow grooming powder.

I don't do this because society will make me feel bad about going makeup free....maybe initially I did (didn't we all) but I'm a big girl now so it doesn't matter. In fact my natural hair taught me how not to care so much about ambivalent societal notions when it comes to brown beauty in particular.

I do understand the point you are trying to make about not hiding behind makeup and what society thinks a beautiful woman should look like but when we've broken through that prison, I think we can reach the point where we know we are beautiful with or without makeup.

Just the same way we should be confident with our bodies inside our clothes or out of it.
Just the same way we should be confident with our hair kinky coily or straight.
Just the same way we should be confident as women whether we wear dresses to the office or pant suits. (Infact, I have never believed in equality for women...that's another topic all together!)
Just the same way we should be confident in our beliefs whether people agree or not.

Point is, I think self confidence is something that stays true no matter what people think.
If one thinks she wants to go makeup free just because she absolutely hates makeup on her face, that's good. If one feels she must beat her face everyday because she likes makeup, that's good.
The only problem is if both decisions are just a veil for insecurity expressed in such a way that without or without makeup, she already thinks she's not perfect enough.
So why bother ...according to Ms. Makeupless?
Why ever not!... according to Ms. Makeup?

I hope you enjoyed reading my little but longish note to you.

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  1. I totally get your point, really. It's the same way sistas with relaxed hair shouldn't are made to feel like they don't love themselves hence their continuous use of the creamy crack and human hair extensions. (I am natural BTW...). Naturals that heat train are also made to feel like they love themselves less because they are trying to change their hair texture. At the end of the day we should all do what we are comfortable with. To thine own self be true.


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