By Hadassah Agbaps - April 10, 2017

 Hi people, what's been on?

Today, I'll be introducing a second natural skincare and hair care brand. I reviewed the first natural skincare brand here.

 I've been using more natural products for my skin and hair and the results are worth it. My skin is healthier, less hyper pigmented and less prone to acne breakouts even when Vero comes calling at that time of the month. I also feel that my liver is very grateful for sparing it the trouble of detoxifying harmful chemicals absorbed by my skin.
My hair stays soft, hydrated and build up free!

 I had resigned myself to making my own skincare products from scratch using raw materials available locally because finding good quality products in Nigeria can be a task in itself. However, things are changing and more Nigerian brands are cropping up with quality as their watch ward.

I've discovered some really interesting Nigerian brands of late that I trust with giving me value for my money.

One of them is Midas Naturals Skin and Haircare brand.
Vivid Radiance Oil

Before I begin, I would like to say 'This is NOT a sponsored post'. I receive no compensation for writing this post. I have enjoyed products from this brand and I simply want to share my experiences.


Midas Naturals, Nigeria was founded in 2013 with the mission to promote well being amongst Nigerians.
We aim to achieve this by providing reliable nutrition and health-realted information to help people make healthier decisions. We also provide natural products for haircare and skincare, and nutritional products to enhance well-being. 
The hair care brand is called 'Brazen Curls' while the skincare brand is marketed under 'Midas Naturals'.

I would not have known anything about this company if I didn't happen to bump into a collaborative giveaway on Instagram which was organised by BeautifullyNappy (an online organic skincare and hair care retail site) and MidasNaturals (a natural skincare and hair care company based in Nigeria) last year. They were giving away two skincare products and one hair care product.You can imagine how glad I was when I won!

The products I tried were:
🌿Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Showergel (4oz)
I used this to wash my face. It was very gentle but wasn't strong enough to take off waterproof mascara. I would use a makeup remover before using the gel to wash my face. I didn't experience any  tightness afterwards. My skin felt comfortable. I think those with dry sensitive skin would enjoy this.

🌿Midas Naturals Papaya Radiance Body Butter (2oz)

This butter was pretty thick and absorbed well into the skin. It was quite heavy though and was difficult to spread on my body so I used it as a lip balm instead. Perfect!!!
I also experimented with using it as a curl definer and my curls popped like crazy! 

🌿Brazen Curls Avocado and Banana Moisture Masque (8oz)

This moisture masque was my favorite product and I highly recommend it for dry hair! It's an absolute darling and it smells banana flavored ice cream. I used it as a leave in because I couldn't bear rinsing out the fragrance.

Their products are 

I loved the quality of the brand so much that I went ahead to purchase oils for my facial oil mix and I have nothing bad to say.

Is this brand affordable?😓

To be honest, local brands are known for being more expensive than foreign brands. One of the genuine reasons for the increase is the general cost of running a business in Nigeria. 
What with the constant loss of power supply, treacherous distribution routes and extortion by corrupt agencies, it's understandable how these can add to the cost of a product if profit is to be made. 
I am also aware that some shady businesses simply inflate prices on substandard products ........which means one has to be careful what one purchases.

For an average Nigerian consumer who spends an average of N5000 on any given product, purchasing products within the range of N6890- N7420 ( the cost for Avocado range) may be a bit steep. 
However, the company has launched a budget range called the  Cashew Range with prices ranging between N2915 - N4240 while still retaining quality. 

I used the Avocado and Banana Moisture Masque which retails at N6890 for more than 7 months as a little goes a long way. This brought the cost of the product to about N980 per month and I had soft, tangle free hair....with no need for extensions.
 Not bad right?

I think you'd like this post .... Why natural hair care is not expensive .

Would I recommend?

Yes I would......why else would I bother sitting down to write this long post ?!😀

Where to get the products in Nigeria

Interested in giving this brand a try? You can check them out here

Have you tried this brand? Would you recommend? What are your thoughts about the brand?

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  1. I have always envied their line and I actually entered one of their giveaways but can't really remember when but I didn't win. I was so sad eh but what can I do. Their prices are on a very high side for a university student like me so all I do is admire their product from afar. I pray I win another giveaway by them.

    1. Hi Alleluia, thanks for stopping by! I agree that their prices are on the high side but if you're interested in getting them, I'll let you on a little can save up. The budget for fixing your hair or braiding it is around N3000 per month. What I do is instead of braiding or fixing, I will put that N3000 into buying a very good product that will benefit my hair each month....if I am consistent, I would be able to buy good quality shampoos,conditioner,leave in conditioners etc. These usually last me a year! With this method, I usually have extra N3000 for every month I didn't fix or braid my hair. This money is put aside to buy a very good wig...the rest of the savings is used to start up something (like funding a natural hair blog)....before long, even on a tight student's budget, you can purchase anything you want! I've been using this method since secondary school and it still works! Hope this helped!


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