By Hadassah Agbaps - April 02, 2017

Hi people, what's been on?

If like me you've always wanted to try a DIY faux goddess locs a la ......

......but couldn't seem to get the 8hrs plus installation time out of your mind, then I'm happy to say that I think I've found something you'd like!!!

Did I mention it is also a budget friendly option???
Normally, for this style, you'd need nothing less than 3 packs of Afrokinky hair which goes for at least N2000. Add that to the cost of the curly extension you'd use at the ends.... and this protective style will set you back N10k at least!

Like I said earlier, I found an extension I think will not only save you time but be friendly to your wallet.....

I got this extension for N1200 and I'm pretty sure I could have gotten it for less since I bought this in a salon . It would have been cheaper in the local market.
I purchased two packs.
Compare N2,400 with N10,000 and tell me how much I just saved you!!! #Keepthechangebae

What you need

  • Two packs or more of Noble Gold Shylock 
  • Rat tail comb to make parts
  • Some patience
  • Scissors for cutting

The process

The hair comes as a weave..... so to get individual locs out, I had to cut them from the weft. Then, I used one pack of hair to wrap and another pack of hair for the foundation of the goddess locs.
(if this sounds confusing, this tutorial I did should help).

On the day I did this hair, I couldn't take a lot of pictures because of how late it was but I managed to get a shot of the final look after installation.

It took me a lazy 4 hrs to install the locs....lazy because I was taking my time, gossiping and doing other stuff while styling....the stuff that goes on when you're styling your girl friend...😁

In the end, we still had about 10 locs left.

Tip 💡: Since this extension comes as a weave, you can actually sew in the weave in the middle (like normal weave hair) and then make individual locs around the perimeter of your head.

I'm estimating the final installation time will be about 2hrs or right?


The hair wears well and maintenance is as simple as satin bonnet at night and a little spritz of water in the morning to hydrate your hair within the locs.

A fairly good option for the budget naturalista and the moderately lazy naturalista!

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  1. This is amazing! I have been looking for the combination to try out this goddess locs. Thank God for this 2 in 1 combo. definitely on the look out.

  2. Thanks for sharing, I've been looking for how to get one of these.


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